Telling A Local Story

It’s been a short time since we’ve updated the Global Image Creation blog, but that’s because we’ve been busy social media video producers! And now, we are happy to share the videos with you.

The video process is a timely task from shooting the original interviews and capturing creative shots to gathering the large files, incorporating music, and editing the details together with precision. The production process involves many hours working to create a short video that shares the client’s story with the world. It’s a creative process we feel fortunate to take on and then overjoyed to share with all of you.

What do you think of Arkansas?

Do you immediately think of a certain idea?

Northwest Arkansas has a bounty of creative talented people that call this beautiful natural area home. We are privileged to have the opportunity to share their stories and promote their work and towns they live in.

Challenge your perception with a look at these videos highlighting the eclectic mix that make northwest Arkansas a destination worth adding to your travel list.

Arkansas In Social Media Video

There is no better person to ask to share the perception of northwest Arkansas than Daniel Hintz, current Chief Experience Architect at The Velocity Group that works to unify the art and economics of extraordinary places. Hintz has lived in Arkansas since 2004 working in a variety of roles, but always with the goal to share and utilize everything the area has to offer. 



An entire store devoted to a love of yarn and crocheting. Gina Rose Gallina, owner and artist at The Crochet Room in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, can make anything out of yarn – including eggs, bacon, hats, dresses, curtains, you name it. A quick look at this video will have you road tripping to the tiny eclectic town to make a stop in to Gallina’s yarn bomb shop.


Local Arkansas artist, John Rankine likes to “stir it up a little” with his multi-faceted artwork. What do you think peace looks like? Rankine recently produced a powerful photographic image collection of a community at peace that he talks about in the video.


Northwest Arkansas is surprisingly unknown for it’s natural beauty but even more unknown is the area’s immense diversity of talented creatives who inhabit the small but growing towns. Our work in creating these videos was to highlight their stories and share them with the world. These videos have been shared and viewed by thousands of people on social media drawing attention to the work that each person does and changing the perception of Arkansas. We are delighted to be a tool to share each story.


Our specialty at Global Image Creation is creating visual content that starts a conversation and spreads the work you do. If we can help you create a video, photography or marketing content, contact us, we’d love to help you tell your story and share it with the world.

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