Hotel Photoshoot Video Swiss Vlog Wrap Up

Our hotel photoshoot video Swiss Vlog series and hotel photoshoot at the 7132 Hotel and Spa has wrapped up, for now! Every detail of our hotel photoshoot in Vals came together to make for a fantastic project. We hope you’ve enjoyed the behind the scenes videos taking you inside the experience of our 7132 Hotel and Spa photoshoot. Take a peek at our last two Swiss Vlogs highlighting the aerial views and hear from Creative Director and Photographer, Jeremy Mason McGraw.

Aerial Photography From a Helicopter in Switzerland

In Swiss Vlog 8, we showcase the Swiss Alps from high above. Utilizing the on site helicopter at the 7132 Hotel, we had a unique opportunity to capture the beauty of the Vals Valley and surrounding rugged Alps. These aerial shots will greatly enhance videos and hotel photography media produced to give people a sense of the majesty of the 7132 Hotel’s location.

Hotel Photoshoot Video from 7132 Hotel, Vals, Switzerland

Jeremy concludes our series with a parting goodbye but good news for the future. Swiss Vlog 9 spotlights our time spent in Switzerland to capture the experience of the 7132 Hotel. Our goal is to provide high quality media to each hotel we work with, to bring their experience to life for future guests. Luckily, the weather cooperated, we had great models and the staff at the 7132 was phenomenal. All these details pulled together to create some fantastic images and videos of the 7132 Hotel and Spa. Take a look at the video

We have enjoyed bringing you our behind the scenes series and we hope you continue to share our videos with your friends and family. The good news… We will be doing more! Coming soon, the details of another project will be released and we will give you a little behind the scenes look into what it took from creation to release.