Dinner With A Fashion Designer

One of the most exciting features of working in a creative field, is experiencing the inspiring stories of professionals we meet along the way. Every project becomes an enriching experience expanding our network with influential people from a variety of disciplines. No matter what background, we all find similarities in our struggles and rewards.

We work with a wide range of clients from luxury hotels, local artists, performers, and fashion designers. Every client presents an opportunity to learn something new, enter their world, and uncover their stories. Many times these interactions inspire us to go further in our work and reach for the stars.

Harbison CollectionOne of our favorite experiences in recent times was meeting fashion designer, Charles Harbison. Different circumstances brought us to the same resort in Costa Rica at the same time. Harbison was to be featured at South American fashion week and we were there on business, tasked to create a marketing proposal for the resort. During a slow week, Charles, his partner, and Jeremy McGraw (GIC Creative Director) had the magical lush, forested property of AltaGracia all to themselves. Conversation was inevitable and quickly a dinner together was scheduled.

McGraw has always said that hotels are places where really amazing people have interacted in history. Chances are if you are doing something meaningful in the world, travel is a part of it. Dinner that night only reinforced McGraw’s belief in this idea.

“Over a delicious dinner, we talked about many things but one of the lessons I learned is that even though we are from different industries, backgrounds, and in totally different places in our careers, we shared many of the same struggles” said McGraw about the evening. In light of the inspiring conversation, McGraw was excited to capture Harbison’s passion to share with others. The next day they filmed a quick interview that led to this video.

In his interview with us, Harbison describes how his failed kickstarter campaign led to the launch of his brand. Following your passion in life is important, because the only thing that keeps you going through the failures, is your love for what you do. And on the other side of those failures, just might be a huge success. Harbison’s gender neutral fashion line has been worn by Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Solange, and more.

We are fortunate to meet many inspiring people in our travels. Meeting Harbison was one of those lucky happenings that impacted us from the moment we met. His down to Earth attitude, passion for his work, and never give up mentality emanated from himself and spread to everyone around him. And don’t forget about his fashion brand itself –  “HARBISON is a luxury fashion brand designed for the woman who embraces her femininity…and her masculinity.”

Traveling presents a unique opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, with something to offer. Keep your eyes and ears open because you never know what next connection could change your path in this world.

Who have you met in your travels that has inspired you? We want to hear about it! Let us know in the comments, or share your story on social media!