Public Art Project Sphere Glows in Basin Spring Park

Sphere – A Public Art Project in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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In 2013, Robert R. Norman and Jeremy Mason McGraw created the Sphere, a community public art project in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The six-foot Sphere incorporated 700-800 individual sticks harvested from the local area and decorated with messages written by residents and tourists in the small artistic city. 80% of the messages were about love.

The Sphere was designed and built by Robert as part of a series of Creative Energy Projects produced by Jeremy. Both Jeremy and Robert were named Artists of the Year by the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Sanderson's Meal Pops Fake News Poster - I Love the Taste AND the Protein!

The Real Story of Sanderson’s Meal Pops

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Jeremy talks about “Sanderson’s Meal Pops”, a fictitious company created for a community art event.

In 2014, Jeremy was invited to be part of Sensory Iconoclasts, an event which paired chefs and artists from the Northwest Arkansas region to collaborate on a project.

At the time, complicated issues of corporate personhood had been raised by several recent Supreme Court rulings and were making headlines. Jeremy wondered, with all of the rights being extended to corporations, could a corporation enter a community art show?

Along with local chef Chrissy Sanderson, Jeremy sought to find out just how far this idea could go by launching Sanderson’s Meal Pops, a company that aimed to make some news of its own by producing a complete meal replacement in the form of a lollipop.

Funny Faces of Public Art in Eureka Springs Arkansas

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Featured artist, John Rankine, chats about MUGS, a fun outdoor photography exhibition he worked on for Creative Energy and the 2013 May Festival of the Arts in Eureka Springs.
Rankine created the exhibition with Global Image Creation’s CEO and Creative Director Jeremy Mason McGraw. For the project, Rankine photographed 130 resident creatives pulling their silliest faces. He, McGraw, and a group of volunteers wallpapered the portraits to the exteriors of buildings throughout Eureka Springs’ historic downtown.
The portraits went up on May 1. Three weeks later Rankine and McGraw hosted a graffiti event and invited the public to “enhance” the portraits with magic markers.
“You’re never going to be short of characters in Eureka Springs,” says John Rankine, which this exhibition certainly proved.

Fire Dress - Eternal Beauties - Makeup By LuAndra Whitehust, Concept and Photography By Jeremy Mason McGraw

Eternal Beauties Magazine

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In this project, Jeremy played with ideas of culture, prejudice, and perceptions of evil in a conceptual space removed from divisive political debates. Using vampires, demons, and other fictional immortal beings as a metaphor for foreignness, Jeremy worked with a team of models, artists, a leather armor maker and movie special effects makeup artists including Lu Andra Whitehurst and Laura Dandridge to craft images and concepts of these outsiders in the familiar editorial style of beauty and lifestyle magazines. The resulting images speak to the way we view other cultures through the lens of our own.

The Farmer And The Bee

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A crochet art film based on the work of Gina Gallina. Directed by Jeremy Mason McGraw featuring Gina Gallina And Zeek Taylor.

We often talk about art as an object, but it is more verb than it is noun. It is a way of grasping the world, of expressing our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. Art is a doing word; like run, speak, create, laugh, live. It is imagining, crafting, etching, sculpting. It is reading, receiving, and interpreting. The medium, the subject, and the approach to art are all bounded only by the imagination of the artist, it is the action that makes the art, in whatever form that takes.

Video Production for STAYPINEAPPLE TV

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There is something magic about cities. They are diverse, and creative, and energetic. They are hubs for art, culture, and music, and have more restaurants than one person could visit in a lifetime. Ghosts of great lives and great loves weave tightly between new loves and new lives in a tapestry of people, buildings, and ideas. In cities, there are stories everywhere and in everything, and it’s in cities that people find freedom. Freedom to pursue a passion and to be rewarded for their originality and ingenuity with a community of people that says either “me too” or “hell yeah, you do you”.