Hotel Room Art, Chicago - By Jeremy Mason McGraw

Chicago Hotel Room Art


There have been countless words, brushstrokes, and exposures dedicated to capturing the experience of travel in hotel room art. The foreign people, and food, and language. The place, the history, and the politics. Attempts to understand a world that’s unfamiliar, to understand ourselves better, and to discover what divides us and what is universal. However, in all the novels and paintings and exquisite photographs there is one element of travel that is often overlooked: the hotel.

Ghost Rider, Light Painting Photography from Public Art Project Electric Vision - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Electric Vision – Light Painting Photography of Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Art and business are often seen as mutually exclusive. Our perception of art is that it is driven by passion, muse, and creativity. It is Vincent Van Gogh, working despite being ridiculed, and only celebrated posthumously. It is Frida Kahlo, driven to create self portraits in a time that celebrated muralists, overshadowed by her husband her entire career. Business, on the other hand, is perceived as professional, disciplined, logical. It is data and spreadsheets and budgets. These two worlds often seem unbridgeable, however, the gap between art and business is not as fundamental as our stereotypes lead us to believe. This understanding led us to create Electric Vision, a light painting photography public art project in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The Farmer And The Bee


A crochet art film based on the work of Gina Gallina. Directed by Jeremy Mason McGraw featuring Gina Gallina And Zeek Taylor.

We often talk about art as an object, but it is more verb than it is noun. It is a way of grasping the world, of expressing our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. Art is a doing word; like run, speak, create, laugh, live. It is imagining, crafting, etching, sculpting. It is reading, receiving, and interpreting. The medium, the subject, and the approach to art are all bounded only by the imagination of the artist, it is the action that makes the art, in whatever form that takes.

Video Production for STAYPINEAPPLE TV


There is something magic about cities. They are diverse, and creative, and energetic. They are hubs for art, culture, and music, and have more restaurants than one person could visit in a lifetime. Ghosts of great lives and great loves weave tightly between new loves and new lives in a tapestry of people, buildings, and ideas. In cities, there are stories everywhere and in everything, and it’s in cities that people find freedom. Freedom to pursue a passion and to be rewarded for their originality and ingenuity with a community of people that says either “me too” or “hell yeah, you do you”.

Luxury Hotel Baur au Lac Facade By Jeremy Mason McGraw

The Baur Au Lac Short Film – Hotel Video Production


This hotel video production focuses on the Baur au Lac Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland, an incredible luxury hotel. It has been owned by the same family since it opened in 1844. The rooms are spacious, and individually decorated with custom made furniture crafted from top-quality materials by superior craftsmen. Each room features a luxurious ensuite made from fine marble, and the hotel sits in its own beautifully landscaped lakeside park.