Hotel Photoshoot Videos – 7132 Hotel and Spa in Switzerland

We have been busy at the elegant 7132 Hotel and Spa capturing all aspects of this magical location in the Swiss Alps in our Swiss Vlog Series. Since our last blog post, we’ve posted four behind the scenes photoshoot videos on our YouTube page, highlighting all that encompasses this dream worthy destination.

Catch up on the videos below:

Spa Photographer - Shooting in the Pritzker Prize Winning Architecture of the 7132 Therme

Swiss Vlog 4 – The Pritzker Award Winning Therme Spa

The granite walled cavernous spa, built over a natural thermal spring, is a direct reflection of the beautiful mountain landscape designed by architect, Peter Zumthor. Zumthor designed a space inspired by the mountains, stone and water, for visitors to “rediscover the ancient benefits of bathing.”

We worked to capture the peaceful simplicity of the spa, filming in the early morning hours when the spa was closed to the public.

Location Travel Photography Video from Switzerland 7132 Hotel

Swiss Vlog 5 – Lifestyle photoshoot

We highlighted the retro style mixed with modern minimalism of the 7132 Hotel, by creating a photoshoot inspired by the 1960s and James Bond. Using vintage fashion, local models, and fantastic make-up artist Dario dos Santos, we spent the day around Vals creating our lifestyle fantasy photoshoot videos.

Culinary Photography with Two Michelin Star Chef Sven Wassmer

Swiss Vlog 6 – Exquisite Culinary Photography

Two Michelin Star Chef Sven Wassmer leads the staff of the Silver Restaurant at the 7132 Hotel in creating delectable food using very local ingredients, such as hand picked blueberries directly from the mountains above. Wassmer’s passion for food and art is directly represented in the stunning plates that took the star role in this culinary photography photoshoot video.

Travel Video - Vals Switzerland

Swiss Vlog 7 – The Village in the Swiss Alps

You can’t talk about the 7132 Hotel without featuring the quaint mountain village of Vals. The 7132 Hotel is located in the small mountain village of Vals in the Swiss Alps. The valley boasts a magical ratio of 1,000 residents, 1,000 sheep and 1,000 hotel beds – the perfect mix to create a blissful destination.

Homes with granite tile roofs surrounded by rugged mountain landscape, and an atmosphere where everyone knows each other, the picturesque town looks and feels like it’s out of a book. Ester, of the 7132 Hotel, describes Vals best in the video, “Open a book for children, with a very beautiful picture, and you jump right in.”

Enjoy the behind the scenes videos, share them with friends, and keep your eye out as we wrap-up our shoot at the amazing 7132 Hotel and Spa.