Architecture Photographer and Commercial Photography of Buildings

Being an architecture photographer, photographing interiors, commercial photography of buildings and any other built environment is no easy task. As anyone who’s struggled to snap an artful architecture Instagram will know, it’s best left to the pros to create images that do more than document buildings. Because when they do, the results can be electrifying, moving, and downright beautiful.

The work of these keen eyes abstracts, animates, and valorizes everyday structures—grandeur and benign alike. Some of the photographers imbue their images with the massive weight of the concrete and industrial metal of their subjects. Others capture a delicate play of light and shadow or the caustic relationship between man, nature, and the building.

The advantages of architectural photography are great; it allows people to obtain a visual understanding of buildings they may never get the opportunity to visit in their lifetime, creating a valuable resource that allows us to expand our architectural vocabulary. However, one must stay critical towards the disadvantages of photography when it comes to architecture. Jeremy Till, author of “Architecture Depends,” summarizes this in his chapter.

Architecture Photographer and Commercial Photography of Buildings

One of the most important traits of  great architecture photography is an appreciation for the art and beauty and vision of great architecture. The most fundamental element of commercial photography is communicating the possibilities for the human use of a space. In our work we strive to combine both of these elements: the form, and the function.

Architecture is the meeting of imagination and the external world. It is the world of dreams shaping and being shaped by the limitations of the physical world. It is the material form of big ideas, and it creates the spaces in which we meet our physical needs.

In our work, we aim to preserve the integrity of the architect’s vision, and convey the character of a piece of architecture. The way a building is designed to interpret and enhance its environment; or the sensation of the physical, spatial experience of a building. We also aim to convey the function of a piece of architecture: the way it is designed to meet a particular practical purpose.

We have captured the historically significant architecture of the Baur au Lac in Zurich and the Reliance Building in Chicago. We have photographed Peter Zumthor’s internationally acclaimed Therme Spa and Baths in Vals, as well as the House of Architects in the modern 7132 Hotel.

We don’t seek to simply appreciate architecture in our work; instead we strive to invite people in. Our architecture photography is crafted to beckon luxury travelers to stay at your resort, and conference organizers to host an event in your building; to invite people to attend a performance in your theatre, and magazine editors to write about you.

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