Professional Car Photographer and Automotive Photography

Automotive photography is about more than just capturing cars. It’s about more than the shape, or the lines, or the details. A good professional car photographer strives to capture the character of a car: it’s timeless beauty, or its modern philosophy. Car photography is about telling a story about the car, and the lifestyle that car embodies.

A key aspect of our car photography work is lighting. Our CEO and Creative Director, Jeremy Mason McGraw, has an extensive, nuanced understanding of lighting gained through his photography work and years working as lighting designer for live theatre. Jeremy utilizes light to create a mood that is inspired by the character of the cars he works with, as well as highlight distinct textures and details.

Every car that we work with is different, and every location. We tailor a formula that is unique to each car and each situation that we work with; whether that car demands classic tones, soft lighting, and a natural setting or whether it demands to be the focus of a dramatic, theatrical scene.

In our work we also seek to reflect the character and personality of our client, whether we are working with a luxury resort with a collection of cars, or a private car collector. We capture the cars in a way that respects the individual car while highlighting and complementing our client’s broader image.

Professional Car Photographer and Automotive Photography

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