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There are countless stories woven into the fabric of everything you deliver. Stories about the florist who learned the latin names for her favourite flowers before she learned to ride a bike, the concierge who sent divers to rescue a guest’s ring from a river it had fallen into, or the abandoned church turned roller rink down the street. Stories about your guests, staff, location, culture, and history. These are the narratives that inspire our passion for travel, drive our work, and capture the imagination of guests. We delight in finding these stories, and telling them in the most compelling and captivating way.  

We start by developing an understanding of you and your guests to discover the stories that will connect with your audience. We then draw on skilled and passionate people to build a team that is optimised for your project, so we can create incredible videos with the smallest possible footprint onsite. The final videos we deliver are designed to be high-impact, memorable, and appeal to the right audience.

The Farmer And The Bee

A crochet art film based on the work of Gina Gallina. Directed by Jeremy Mason McGraw featuring Gina Gallina And Zeek…

Video Production for STAYPINEAPPLE TV

There is something magic about cities. They are diverse, and creative, and energetic. They are hubs for art, culture,…