Our Global Adventures – A Travel Video Series of Connection

There are some people in the world who simply have a compulsion to travel. People whose pulse quickens when they think about catching a train in Vietnam or riding a cable car through the Alps in Switzerland. People with an internal voice that shouts “go, explore!” whenever a place is mentioned that they’ve never been. People who would happily trade sleep and comfort and familiarity for the joy of finding themselves in a foreign country, struggling to make their mouth form the shape of foreign words.

At Global Image Creation, our team is made up of these people. The desire to travel is part of what drove our CEO and Creative Director, Jeremy Mason McGraw, to launch Global Image Creation over 15 years ago. The same wanderlust motivates and inspires our team today.

We love travel for a thousand reasons. For the food and for the landscapes and for the simple, quiet wonder of looking at the same stars from a different perspective in the world. By far our favorite reason to travel, however, is meeting other people and learning about their experiences. Whether we’re bonding with the man in Austria who designs table place settings for some of the greatest chefs in the world, or exploring a castle created by an enigmatic craftsman in Arkansas; it’s these moments that mean that we never leave our suitcases unpacked for long.

Through our work, we are fortunate enough to meet people with truly incredible stories to share. Stories that demand to be heard not just by our team, but by as many people as possible.

So, in 2018, on the 15th anniversary of our agency, we launched a new video series called Our Global Adventures. This series is a place to share the stories of the incredible people that we meet, from Michelin star chefs and celebrated restaurateurs to incredible artists.

Our Global Adventures is where we introduce the people who inspire us, and tell the stories that demand to be told.

The Neverending Story of Bavaria Film Studio and Falkor the Luckdragon

If you’re a child of the ‘80s then you’ve probably longed have a luckdragon like Falkor by your side; to ride through the skies of Fantasia and save the characters of the The NeverEnding Story. Well, there’s a place in Germany where you can finally meet Falkor, and it’s exactly as glorious as you’d imagine.

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Mind-Expanding with Intrigue Theatre - An Illusionist and a Ghost-Talker

Mind-Expanding with Intrigue Theatre – An Illusionist and a Ghost-Talker

“The mind-expanding Intrigue Theatre”

Illusionist Sean-Paul and Ghost-Talker Juliana Fay perform magic, spiritualism, voodoo, hypnosis, and mentalism. But their shows are about much more than mystery and intrigue.

The duo designed their performances to challenge the perceptions of their audience. Their shows empower people to leave with an expanded view of what is possible in the world and in their own lives.

Inspired by performances from the golden age of magic, the Intrigue Theatre offers an experience like nothing else.

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Tryon Palace, New Bern, North Carolina

Finding the New and Old in the History of New Bern, North Carolina

In this interview with New Bern local Nelson Bell McDaniel we explore the connections this North Carolina town has with its namesake, Bern, in Switzerland; find out about the 300+ year old town’s culture and history; and trace a thread of diversity and acceptance all the way back to the eighteenth century.

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Rochini Tabletop Solutions

Hannes Tiefenthaler Creates Table Place Setting Designs for World-Renowned Chefs

Austria based company Rochini is an architect for the table place setting. They design complete tabletop solutions for some of the finest chefs in the world, including Wolfgang Puck, Christian Bau, and Sven Wassmer.

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Jennifer Janesko, Fine Art Painter and Jewelry Designer

Jennifer Janesko’s sensual pin-up art has featured in Maxim and Playboy, and she’s proud to say many of her collectors are women. Find out what drives Jennifer and how she became the artist she is today.

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Michelin star restaurant Nobelhart und Schmutzig - Photo: Caroline Prange

Michelin star restaurant Nobelhart und Schmutzig asks “what does Berlin taste like?”

Billy Wagner, owner of Michelin star restaurant Nobelhart und Schmutzig in Berlin, talks to Jeremy Mason McGraw about the concept behind his restaurant.

The ingredients at Nobelhart und Schmutzig are sourced almost exclusively in the Berlin region, a philosophy Wagner describes as “brutal lokal”. For Wagner and head chef Micha Schäfer, the reasons behind this philosophy are twofold. The first reason, is a recognition that the current global food model is unsustainable, and a desire to be part of the solution. The second reason, is that Schäfer and Wagner are seeking to answer the question, “What does Berlin taste like?”.

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Global Image Creation Chimp by Eureka Springs Arkansas Artist Zeek Taylor

Living Color with Eureka Springs, Arkansas Artist Zeek Taylor

Celebrated Eureka Springs, Arkansas artist Zeek Taylor has a story like this. It takes places while Zeek was a student at the Memphis College of Arts, and visiting his small hometown on the Arkansas Delta. While Zeek was home alone one day, he decided to pierce his ear. He had seen other young men at art school with a pierced ear, but it was still a controversial choice at the time, especially in a small Southern town of only 650 residents.

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Charles Harbision with Michelle Obama at The White House

Business of Fashion with Designer Charles Harbison

Business of Fashion
Charles Harbison and How to Become a Fashion Designer

Charles Harbison is a fast-emerging young name in the business of fashion. He launched his eponymous brand, HARBISON, in 2013. His modern, gender-neutral designs have already caught the eye of some very big names, including Michelle Obama and Queen Bey herself, Beyonce.
A few years ago, I was staying at the Hacienda AltaGracia in Costa Rica before it had officially opened. Different circumstances had brought Harbison to the same hotel. As two of the only guests, we quickly began to strike up a conversation.
Despite working in different worlds, we found that we have a lot in common. We bonded in particular over the experience of growing a brand as a creative professional.

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2 Michelin Star Chef Sven Wassmer 7132 Silver - Best Chefs in The World

Foraging Greatness With Two Michelin Star Chef Sven Wassmer

It’s just before 6am, and two Michelin star chef, Sven Wassmer, of 7132 Silver Restaurant, and his entire team have gathered to go foraging. The team knows they’re going to have to work long into the night, but the excitement of finding a ripe patch of blueberries or a perfect mushroom is worth waking up this early. Three times every week, the team hikes through the incredible Valley that surrounds 7132 Hotel in Vals, Switzerland, and collects berries, mushrooms, flowers, and even ants to serve at the restaurant.

Today, I’m tagging along to capture footage for a restaurant video I’m producing. As I follow the team, I notice the way that Sven’s excitement spreads to everyone here. Watching the passion that Sven and his entire team have for these foraged ingredients, it’s easy to see why 7132 Silver has two Michelin stars and 18 Gault & Millau points, without even tasting the food.

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American Castle Rogues manor eureka springs arkansas twilight evening

Building an American Castle in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Smith Treuer brought the sandcastle home with him, and he kept wearing his crown.
He went to school and learned about medieval life and his castle turned to stone and grew a guard tower and inside people danced and drank mead in a great hall. He traveled around the world, five times, and in each country his castle grew and evolved, taking inspiration from architecture in Germany, Scotland, Tibet, and Nepal. He studied gemstones and oriental carpets and textiles and his castle became more elaborate and more intricate.

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