Jennifer Janesko, Fine Art Painter and Jewelry Designer

Jennifer Janesko – Think about the last time you connected with a work of art. A painting or photograph that made you pause. A building or a poster that caught your eye and tugged at you. Even a dress or necklace or pair of shoes that inspired some emotional response. There is something incredibly and uniquely human about this feeling; about finding meaning and connection in something created by someone else.

Jennifer Janesko, the Fine Art Painter of Sensual and Powerful Pin-up Art

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It’s a phenomenon that jewelry designer and fine artist Jennifer Janesko has been captivated with since the first painting that she sold. In her words,“That was a part of my world and then all of the sudden it was part of someone else’s world…I don’t get attached to my art, but I get attached to the idea that she is in this other world, in this other life. I wish that I could somehow look through my paintings and see this other life and world and how the art relates to the person who bought it and hung it on the wall.”

“It’s the connection that matters not the item itself…I want to be part of their life, I want to bring them a slight bit of joy in their day.”

Since she could pick up a pencil, Jennifer has drawn women. In school, she would pass around drawings she had created and ask her classmates to vote on their favorite. Today, she is know for her strong and sensual pin-up as well as her figurative work and abstract art. Jennifer’s pin-up art has adorned a line of Haut Art Wine bottles and a number of one-of-a-kind CZ Guitars, as well as been featured in the pages of Maxim and Playboy. She’s also proud to say that many of her collectors are women.

In school, when Jennifer first discovered there were opportunities out there to make a career from drawing women, her “world opened up.” She was inspired to find, in her words, “ways to take a chance with what I was doing and take it in different directions”. After high school, Jennifer attended Columbus College of Art & Design on a scholarship for her first year, before transferring to Stephens College to pursue fashion design. She then began work in commercial illustration. Later, Jennifer transformed her expertise in fashion illustration into figurative work, and embarked on a career as a fine art painter which has now spanned two decades. Most recently, Jennifer has reinvigorated her roots in fashion and launched her own jewelry brand, Janesko.

For Jennifer, art is about making connections with her collectors and bringing them joy, whether through her jewelry or her paintings. In her words, “It’s the connection that matters not the item itself…I want to be part of their life, I want to bring them a slight bit of joy in their day.”

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