Introducing the Perfect Luggage Tag for International Travel

Between Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the rise of the minimalism movement, a lot of people over the last few years have begun looking critically at each object they own and asking, “Do I really need this?”.

For people who travel frequently this is a question we are used to asking, and it’s one born from necessity rather than philosophy. Every item that we have to lug through airports and roll through skinny train aisles and shove into taxis had better be worth its weight. Every lens, every piece of lighting equipment, every t-shirt packed into our bags had better be the exact lens or light or shirt we’re going to need. And, every item we carry with us needs to up to the task that we brought it for, because there’s no room for useless things.

If you travel regularly, then, you might understand the struggle and frustration I have endured over the past 15+ years in my journey to find a luggage id tag that doesn’t suck. One that doesn’t fall apart immediately, and that doesn’t look awful. You might understand how insane it has driven me each time a tag has snapped off or disappeared somewhere in transit. Even though it seems like such a small thing, you can probably imagine how many times I’ve said to myself, “seriously, how hard can it be to design a good luggage tag!?”

Well, earlier this year we decided to find out how hard it actually is to design a good luggage tag, and I’ve got to say we did a pretty awesome job.

At the time, we had just launched our re-designed logo (which we are still absolutely in love with) and we were keen to put our logo on something physical. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally create a luggage tag that I wouldn’t hate. So, we put our heads together and designed the perfect tag: one that looks great, is made from quality materials, and keeps the information on it as private as possible.

A Strong Luggage Tag for International Travel
A Strong Luggage Tag for International Travel

It took us some time to find the right person to create our luggage tags, but the wait was definitely worth it. We are now the proud designers of what might just be the best luggage tag in the world. The PERFECT luggage tag for international travel!

We are so excited that we’re even sending some of our perfect luggage tags to the first ten people who ask from our list of newsletter subscribers. You can sign up to our newsletter here, or, if you’re already a subscriber, just click the link in the August edition to request your new luggage tag.

Honestly, I am so glad to finally have a luggage tag that is absolutely perfect, and I think you’re going to love it too.

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