New Bern AirBNB Hosts Get a Surprise Photoshoot from a Luxury Hotel Photographer

You might be shocked to know that as an accomplished luxury hotel photographer, I have not been hired to photograph a lot of AirBNB listings. My surprise photoshoot game for AirBNBs however, is strong. So when our friends Laura and Paul decided to try hosting an AirBNB in New Bern, North Carolina, it seemed like a fun opportunity to upgrade Laura’s iPhone photos with a collection of images that would really showcase the space. It was a lot of fun to Surprise them and Of Course we made this Secret Spotlight episode about it.

Secret Spotlight Episode 2 – Laura and Paul Confidential (a surprise photoshoot in New Bern)

In the image below you can see a screenshot of the AirBNB listing before and after our interior photoshoot. To compare the two, simply slide the center red divider back and forth. By shooting our new collection of images with a consistent style, lighting and look, we created a pleasant and cohesive first impression on the site. This view may be the only one a potential guest looks at so a strong impact here will have noticeable results in their bookings.

Below are Laura’s original iPhone pics of the Airbnb.

Our images of the space focus on a few important elements. We chose the point of views that capture the spaces and their relationship to other areas of the house at the same time. A potential guest can make a more confident choice when they can easily understand the space at a glance. Any questions you can answer in the photos like how big is it, does it have a good kitchen, what kind of washer and dryer does it have, all build confidence in the viewer that they know what they are getting when they book.

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If you would like to experience Paul and Laura’s New Bern, North Carolina AirBNB for yourself, you can book here.