High-Quality Images are Powerful Marketing Tools

Beautiful photographs are powerful marketing tools, however they can be leveraged for more than your website and marketing materials. An incredible photo can be used to generate free publicity, improve your chances of being featured in an editorial, and give you the best chance when competing in design awards. In this piece, we look at how important professionally captured images are for purposes beyond your standard marketing.

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If you’ve ever seen a photo of yourself, then you know how many things can affect the way the camera sees you. The angle the photo is taken from, the quality of the camera itself, the lighting in the room, even the composition. You’re still the same person, nothing has changed about you, yet you can look almost completely unrecognizable from one photo to the next.

The same is true of hotels, architecture, furniture, and interior photography. Subtle changes to the light or different angles can draw attention to different features, textures, and colors. The way a photo is taken can make a place look warmer or more upscale, romantic or more family-friendly.

High-quality images are powerful marketing tools, win design awards, and be featured in editorials.

It seems like you may already know that next to word of mouth, captivating images of your projects are your single most important marketing assets. Global Image Creation is international expert interior photographer. We shoot with the best properties and interior designers. How can we work together?

Our client, Obelisk Home, won 8 out of a possible 10 awards at the recent 417 Home Magazine Design Awards.

If you’re a designer, architect, chef, or hotelier submitting your work or establishment for an industry or design award, then you want to give yourself the best chance possible. Often, the only way a selection panel can judge you is through the photos that you provide, so those photos should draw attention to the features that set you apart. Even though your work or your property are the same no matter the photos you submit, we have no doubt that well-thought out, high-impact images make it easier for a selection panel to see why you deserve the top prize.

The same is true if you’re looking to generate free publicity and have your work or property included in a magazine, online editorial, or even a curated Instagram account. If you’re asking a publication to feature you in an editorial, it’s important to think from their perspective. Photo editors often don’t have time to arrange for photographs to be taken specifically for a piece, however they still require high quality images, so they will be more inclined to include designers and establishments that can provide quality photographs on short notice.

We have certainly found that having a variety of great, print-ready images prepared gives our clients an edge over those who don’t. For example, the Architectural Digest recently ran a piece on hotels with bee gardens, and our client, the Baur au Lac, was able to provide a professionally captured image for the piece.

Bee au Lac - Hotel Baur au Lac Bee Hive photo by Global Image Creation
Bee au Lac - Hotel Baur au Lac Bee Hive photo by Global Image Creation

We have worked with many hoteliers, restaurants, chefs, and designers to capture their work for award submission and for editorial inclusion. We have also worked with many photo editors as well as judges on selection panels. We understand that details are what separates great design from extraordinary design, and we know the images that appeal, and the attention to detail that judges and editors are looking for. We work hard to ensure we understand our client’s work, and what they want our photograph to highlight. For example, if a hotel room has a hand-painted wall treatment, custom artwork, special fabrics, or beautiful wood detail, we can light and compose an image that will highlight these features. We do all of this because we know it makes a difference.

We have seen how much a photograph that is created with an award or publication in mind can help impress a selection panel or a photo editor. So, if you’re looking to submit your work or establishment for an award, or if you’re looking to receive more publicity, make sure you’re submitting photos that will give you the best chance possible.

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