Bentonville, Arkansas – a town rich in culture and community spirit. In the heart of this vibrant town, Global Image Creation has been painting a vivid picture of local life, one frame at a time. But why focus on local content? The answer is simple: local content connects.

Capturing the Heart of Bentonville Arkansas

Our recent holiday season videos are a testament to our commitment to Bentonville. From the enchanting Lighting of the Square in Downtown Bentonville to the unique story behind the Momentary Bentonville’s concert tent, we’ve been busy capturing the essence of our town. These efforts, along with our coverage of the Bentonville Arkansas Christmas parade and our bonus feature on the parade in nearby Springdale, add significant depth to our collection of Bentonville Photography.

The Christmas Parade in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas

Why Local Content Matters

Local content isn’t just about showcasing a location; it’s about embedding oneself in the heart of the community. By highlighting local events, favorite spots, and the vibrant art scene, we not only showcase the beauty of Bentonville but also foster a deeper connection with the community. Bentonville hosts a swarm of well publicized and iconic local events like the Bentonville Film Festival, The Format Festival and Bentonville Bike Fest but many of the smaller more locally focused events escape the spotlight and can be the perfect subject for your business to focus on. Think simple subjects like the the Downtown Bentonville farmers market, the changing of seasons in NWA and yes, even the lighting of the square. 

Services Tailored for Local and Global Reach

At Global Image Creation, we offer a range of services that cater to both local businesses and the world’s finest hotels and travel destinations. Our expertise in hotel photography and travel photography is complemented by our knack for capturing the local culture and essence. Whether it’s decorating your business with local artwork and photography of Bentonville or creating engaging content for social media, we bring your story to life.

Flowers Blooming in Downtown Bentonville (VIDEO FROM 2018)

Positioning Your Business at the Center of Community

Incorporating local content into your marketing strategy is crucial. By sharing images and videos of local events and attractions, businesses can position themselves at the center of their community. This approach not only enhances local engagement but also attracts tourists seeking authentic local experiences. 

In Bentonville and beyond, Global Image Creation is your partner in capturing the essence of your location. Our commitment to local content, combined with our expertise in high-end hotel and travel photography, makes us the ideal choice for businesses looking to strengthen their connection with the community and the world.