A Myrtle Beach airBNB Photoshoot Surprise

Secret Spotlight Episode 3 – airBNBeach

To mark the occasion of the Airbnb IPO we bring you the third episode of our surprise airBNB photoshoot series, Secret Spotlight. This photography adventure takes us to Myrtle Beach, NC where we found a fun and colorful AirBNB with an ocean view and an enthusiastic Super Host. We were lucky enough to meet up with her in person to present her the new interior images. She loved the surprise photos and the whole experience was a lot of fun!

Myrtle Beach AirBNB Photoshoot Surprise - Secret Spotlight Episode 3

An Interior Photographer View of This airBNB Photoshoot Video

This airBNB photoshoot video is first and foremost an entertainment endeavor. The great joy of my work is creating images that really matter to my clients and the first shoot with a new client can be an experience worth sharing. Its even more interesting when the recipient of the new images does not fully know the power of great photography. Our airBNB Superhost, Sherri is great at what she does but what she did not yet know, these images showed her, and it is a thrill to gift something I am so passionate about delivering.

The interior photography in this episode was created for the purpose of capturing the eyes of customers within the airBNB booking interface. To have total control over this process we always use photography lighting for our interior photoshoots. Beyond the technical process of photography, there are also some simple considerations you should take into account when creating airBNB photography at any skill level. Here are three quick airBNB photography tips anyone can follow to get the most out of your airBNB photos.

Three airBNB Photography Tips

1. Compose How It Shows

The airBNB website has more opportunities to display horizontal views than it does for vertical views. Every view matters so don’t even think about vertical compositions since in most cases, the viewer will see a cropped version of those images.

2. Every Image Matters

When shopping for an airBNB, customers will not take a lot of time to look at each and every photo unless they are towards the end of their decision making process. This means that the images first in the display order are going to be seen substantially more frequently than the images later in this list. Post fewer images of your listing that say as much about it at possible. Wide shots that show off the unique elements of your spaces will give your customers more information faster. Each image you post should have the purpose of guiding your customer thru the space. If it dose not say something new, don’t post it. Also don’t post unnecessary details like a closeup of a candlestick or soap dish. Only share details that are a unique point of the experience like a cool view out the window or an upgraded coffee station.

3. Show Context

Try and plan your airBNB photoshoot to show the context of each room and how it relates to the rooms around it. Show views into other rooms and how bathrooms connect to bedrooms. Also show how amenities relate to the unit. For instance if the washer and dryer are in the kitchen or the hallway or attached to a bedroom, show that in a wide shot.

Final Images From This Episode