Professional Food Photography, Culinary Photographer, Restaurant Photos

Professional food photography is about more than food: it is about the story that all of the elements that make up a photograph tell about that food. A great culinary photographer understands the way that composition, lighting, tabletop, and background all come together, and how to guide these elements to tell a story for a specific purpose. The story that restaurant photos on a website should tell is different to the story that should be told in editorial food photography in a magazine. At Global Image Creation, we excel at telling all of these stories.

If you look at a recipe in a magazine or on a blog, the story that the photographs will convey is about the meal and its ingredients. A photo of a classic spaghetti with pesto will be bathed in natural light, and framed by a fresh branch of basil, with a bowl of parmesan in the background ready to be sprinkled over the meal.

Photographs that accompany an article about a restaurant will tell a story about the place as well as the food. These photos convey details about the architecture of the building, the design of the interior, the decorations, the crockery, the smile of the waiter, and the pop of figs in a gourmet salad.

Often, professional restaurant photos mimic one of the above styles. In our opinion, however, there is a better story to tell. We believe that restaurant photos should not just focus on the food, but on the experience of dining. We believe these photos should be inviting and aspirational, and strong enough to stand alone in a full page magazine ad.

Professional Food Photography, Culinary Photographer, Restaurant Photos

Most of our restaurant clients offer fine-dining experiences, so instead of capturing food in natural light, or focusing simply on the meal itself, we paint a narrative that suits our client. We capture the food in lighting that reflects the mood of the restaurant, and use all of the elements available to us to create an image that truly conveys the experience that our client offers.

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