Every Video Tells A Story

Finding the engaging stories to tell and capturing the physical pictures is half the work of a hotel photographer. To make each image stand out for every client requires the small details to take priority at each step in the process. When we work with a client our passion lies in making sure these details are brought to life in a visual format that can be shared with the world. Many times we are asked, how do we do it? Here’s a few short videos that demonstrate how we make this magic happen.

The Best Day – how lighting expertise helps hotel photography:  

First, it’s key to capture the space on its “best day.” That doesn’t mean literally the sun needs to be shining, although in some cases it might, but you want to present each subject in its best light. To maintain consistency across the property or brand, it’s important for each capture to have the same lighting style. This requires control over the lighting in every space captured.

Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creation’s Creative Director, has a background in theatrical lighting design giving him the essential eye to make a motionless hotel room come to life using light. To capture stunning hotel room photography, we work with the clients and talented interior designers who stage each room to be inviting to viewers of the finished photos.

We believe every shoot should be a collaboration with the client so it’s important they see exactly what the images are going to look like as we shoot them. If they see something they don’t like, we can make changes on the spot and perfect the image through collaboration. Taking the time to light each space allows us to capture every image in the camera so we don’t surprise the client later with images  created offsite in editing.

This 90 second video displays the dramatic transformation of a luxury hotel room from arrival, to after lighting and staging shots. Seeing the before and after, highlights the work we do to make your business shine. Take a look at the transformation of a Baur Au Lac luxury hotel room below:

A hotel photographer brings all of the pieces together:

Capturing the feel of each room through photography and video takes many pounds of camera equipment, time, an innovative eye and fun personalities to sustain creativity during the long photo shoot hours. In 2015, we shot this quick behind the scenes video at the 7132 Hotel and Spa in Vals, Switzerland that visually gives you an idea of what it takes to produce a photograph that exemplifies the beauty and feel of such a magnificent hotel room.

The editing process:

After capturing the raw photos and video, we return home for the editing process. Edit is such a simple word that encompasses a meticulous process to bring together various aspects and produce a creative vision. We work on a variety of projects from luxury hotel photography to producing marketing material for artists. Sometimes our ideas are bigger than what we can practically capture in the camera. This quick behind the scenes video provides a perfect example of digital photo compositing work used to create captivating visual media.

Editing has a bad reputation and a perception of working in a dark cave but much of the creative process takes place in the editing room, especially for videos. Each project becomes a labor of love with hours spent in front of the computer screen, collaborating with talented individuals to incorporate music, text and the right look. The final products are a result of precise planning, complex photo shoots and detailed editing.

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