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In 2003, while on a photo assignment in Hawaii, Jeremy Mason McGraw found himself thumbing through the brochure for the upscale resort where he was staying. The photos of the hotel rooms in the brochure looked and felt nothing like the room he saw in person.

Where there should have been an incredible wall-length window view of one of the best beaches in the world, the photos showed an overexposed square of light.

Where Jeremy saw materials with vibrant patterns and luxurious textures, in the brochure these details were lost to flat lighting and harsh shadows. Where Jeremy felt warmth and comfort watching the sun dip below the horizon from that giant window, and later sinking into a soft and comfortable bed, the brochure images showed an ordinary, generic-looking hotel room.

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Through his photo assignment, Jeremy had the opportunity to see inside the rooms of many other resorts in the area, and each time he compared his experience of the room to the brochure the resort provided. In every brochure the problem was the same. Jeremy found uninteresting photos that paled in comparison to the beautiful, warm, and luxurious rooms they were supposed to represent. For Jeremy, the realization sparked an idea: to combine his creative talent and technical expertise to launch an agency capable of capturing and conveying the true experience a place offers.

Within a few months, Jeremy launched Elite International Photography, which later evolved into Global Image Creation. While a lot has changed about Global Image Creation since that day in 2003, our purpose is still to bring the experience of a place to life. The romance and indulgence; the excitement and adventure; the unique feeling of a place that is shaped by its architecture, design, location, and people.

Today, Global Image Creation is focused on crafting incredible stories through images and awe-inspiring videos, and provide services to a range of clients in the luxury travel industry.

Our clients represent  some of the most remarkable and recognizable hotels and travel destinations in the world. You can also find a small collection of our destination images available for licensing at Getty Images. Follow this link to see all available images. 

Jeremy Mason McGraw – CEO/Creative Director

Jeremy loves a great story, and he can find one anywhere. He is an artist and an observer, whose talent behind the camera has been obvious since his days in school. He is open to the world around him, always listening, and constantly seeking out completely new experiences. These traits have driven Jeremy’s life and his work, throughout his early career working as an illusionist, lighting designer for theme parks, set designer, producer, and pyrotechnic, and throughout the years he spent in his 20’s exploring the world as a crewmember on a cruise ship. It is Jeremy’s unique perspective on the world, his experience, and his passion for storytelling that have made Global Image Creation a success since we launched in 2003.

Suraya Bliss – General Manager

Suraya is an innovative, high-level, strategic thinker who can take the wildest and most complicated idea and break it down into actionable, achievable steps. She has worked across several industries in many different roles, and has built and launched multiple teams, processes, and programs. Suraya boasts a long list of career accomplishments, including creating Walmart’s first and the world’s largest employee social network. Suraya’s talent and ability have not gone unnoticed. The list of awards she has received is almost as long as the credits to a blockbuster movie, and includes five American Business Awards, and five Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Awards, alongside a host of others. Suraya finds a special joy in attacking old challenges from a new approach and inspires the rest of us to do better work. She keeps our team honest, loyal, hardworking, and on-track.

Chris Heuer – Technical Director

Chris Heuer makes magic. Not Harry Potter mythical being magic, but the kind that takes work, vision, and intense focus, and leaves people wondering “how on earth did he do that?”. Chris grew up with a video camera in his hand and from an early age was amazed by the way he could reach out to an audience and make them feel or believe something through the videos he created. Chris has decades of experience and is well-rounded in every aspect of production, but he is most intensely passionate about post-production and visual effects. Deconstructing and rebuilding individual frames to get the perfect shot is his version of “abracadabra”.

Chris has won several Telly Awards, two Emmys for editing and one National Emmy Award. He also did stunts for three seasons of the History Channel show “Civil War Combat”.

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Local hotel photographers in Bentonville, Arkansas with global reach.
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