Commercial Photographers, Eureka Springs, Arkansas Photography

We have spent a lot of time working as commercial photographers in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We have also spent time working collaboratively with members of the artistic community and local businesses, and exploring all of the quirks this city has to offer. It’s a place that holds a special place in our hearts, which is something that we convey in our Eureka Springs photography.

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While we are no longer commercial photographers based in Eureka Springs, Arkansas full time, our work and our personal lives bring us back here often. Some of our favorite projects that we’ve ever produced have taken place in Eureka Springs. In 2012 our Creative Director and CEO, Jeremy Mason McGraw, created an outdoor exhibition of images he had created in collaboration with local businesses to promote the May Festival of the Arts. The following year, we produced the “Sphere”: an impressive piece of public art crafted by artist and woodworker Robert R. Norman that incorporated messages from hundreds of visitors and local residents. That same year we also produced MUGS, an outdoor exhibition that included portraits of 130 local artists pulling their silliest faces captured by local photographer John Rankine. Some of our favorite stories are based in the Eureka Springs, Arkansas area as well, including this story about Smith Treuer, the man who built his own castle.

Commercial Photographers and Eureka Springs Arkansas Photography

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