New Bern, North Carolina

Photography of New Bern, North Carolina

Ask enough people who live in the north eastern corner of North Carolina about where to take a weekend getaway and you are sure to start hearing the name New Bern. Never heard of it? Not to worry, we had not heard of it either, then we relocated here and discovered the secret for ourselves. In our photography of New Bern you will see it is a pre-colonial, classic American small town built on the peninsula where the Trent and Neuse rivers meet. You can certainly learn a lot from our photography of New Bern but you might also be interested to know it has a history that connects with the beginning of the nation, the civil war, and the invention of Pepsi. Over the years it's also had quite the literary history. Jules Verne once set a novel here. The romance writer of the Notebook, Nicolas Sparks has a home here and one of the Outlander books features our Tryon Palace. All of that aside. Its a beautiful place and the people are nice. You should come see it for yourself. 

Story of My Light - A Travel Photography Adventure With the Profoto A1

The Story of My Light

Global Image Creation's Creative Director, Jeremy Mason McGraw recently embarked on a travel photography adventure in Olbia, Sardinia, Italy to explore the light-shaping capabilities of their smallest studio light, the A1.

Food of 2 Michelin Star Chef Sven Wassmer at 7132 Silver - Professional Food Photography, Culinary Photographer, Restaurant Photos

Food Photography, Food Photographer, Restaurant Photographer

Professional food photography is about more than food: it is about the story that all of the elements that make up a photograph tell about that food. A great culinary photographer understands the way that composition, lighting, crockery, and background all come together, and how to guide these elements to tell a story for a specific purpose. The story that restaurant photos on a website should tell is different to the story that should be told in editorial food photography in a magazine. At Global Image Creation, we excel at telling all of these stories.

Travel Photographer and Switzerland Photography

Travel Photographer, Switzerland Photography

Over the past 15 years we have worked as travel photographers for many clients and in many countries, but there is one place we keep coming back to: Switzerland. We hope that, in our Switzerland photography, you can feel how much this place has captured our hearts.

Hotel Photographers, Luxury Hotel Photography, Resort Photographer Le Petit Palais at the Baur au Lac Hotel Photographer

Hotel Photographers, Luxury Hotel Photography, Resort Photographer

The best hotel photographers know that your hotel’s photography is your first chance to impress and inspire potential guests, and it’s an incredibly important thing to get right. Use this guide to help find the right photographer and get the best images for your hotel.

Aerial Photography of Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri Photography

Photos are at the center of your marketing and communications efforts, and they’re important to get right. At Global Image Creation, we have been working in luxury hotel photography for more than 15 years. Whether you are looking for a resort photographer to capture feel of your surroundings , show off incredible architecture and design of your property, or want to arrange a lifestyle photoshoot that conveys the experience of being a guest at your hotel, we can help.

Creative Portrait Photography, Magician Pictures, Conceptual Photographer

Creative portrait photography is one of the most textured and complex forms of photography. Our CEO and Creative Director, Jeremy Mason McGraw started out in portraiture taking magician pictures and photographs of performers, a style that still influences his work today.
A creative portrait incorporates multiple perspectives, including that of the subject, the photographer, the viewer, and the overall narrative. There are also a range of technical elements and details that need to be navigated, including lighting, background, composition, and expression. It’s a style of photography that requires not just a skilled photographer, but also a curious and creative one.

Photographer Lifestyle Photography Wardrobe Stylist

Travel Lifestyle Photographer

At Global Image Creation, the emphasis of our work is on conveying the true experience a place offers, not simply its physical reality, in all of our images. Lifestyle photography can be an incredible marketing tool in the luxury tourism industry; it can help potential guests really imagine themselves enjoying the services and experience you offer. However, lifestyle photography may also requires a larger team than many other types of photography, and may require a wardrobe stylist, hair and makeup artists as well as other professionals on the crew.

Helicopter Aerial Photography - The Best Beaches are around Sardinia, Italy

Travel Photographer of Italy Photoshoots, Italy Images

There are few countries in the world with as much to offer as Italy. The food, the culture, the people, the history, and the architecture all come together to make this country one of the most spectacular places to visit, illustrated by our gallery of Italy images. The cities and towns are immediately entrancing, and, in our experience working as travel photographers in Italy, we have found there are always deeper, richer, and more exciting layers to discover.

Professional Car Photographer, Automotive Photography

Professional Car Photography and Automotive Photography

Automotive photography is about more than just capturing cars. It’s about more than the shape, or the lines, or the details. A good professional car photographer strives to capture the character of a car: it’s timeless beauty, or its modern philosophy. Car photography is about telling a story about the car, and the lifestyle that car embodies.