Creative Portrait Photography, Magician Pictures, Conceptual Photographer

Creative portrait photography is one of the most textured and complex forms of photography. Our CEO and Creative Director, Jeremy Mason McGraw started out in portraiture taking magician pictures and photographs of performers, a style that still influences his work today.

A creative portrait incorporates multiple perspectives, including that of the subject, the photographer, the viewer, and the overall narrative. There are also a range of technical elements and details that need to be navigated, including lighting, background, composition, and expression. It’s a style of photography that requires not just a skilled photographer, but also a curious and creative one.

Some of the work featured in this collection was created for Global Image Creation Special Projects such as Eternal Beauties Magazine, Yarnography – A Crochet Story, and Sanderson’s Meal Pops, Fake News in a Real Art Show. Other images in this collection were create for clients including Intrigue Theater of Eureka Springs Arkansas, Chase Hampton, Drew Thomas Magic, The Haygoods and many more.

Global Image Creation’s portrait photography services are driven by Jeremy’s curious and creative eye. The portraits that we produce seek not just to capture something about the subject, but to convey a mood and a narrative to the viewer. Through Jeremy’s experience working with magicians and variety show performers he has created a style that celebrates humor and whimsy and embraces theater and drama.

Creative portrait photography can require a team of makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, working on location, as well as other post production work that can all work seamlessly together. At Global Image Creation, we are made up a small and highly skilled core team and have a working relationship with a large pool of skilled and passionate people all over the world that we can draw on. This means that we can create a team of models, stylists, makeup artists, and assistants that is perfectly streamlined for your project. We can keep costs low, while still only working with skilled people that we trust.

Creative Portrait Photography, Magician Pictures, Conceptual Photographer

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