A Crochet Artist and a Photographer, the Crochet Art of YARNOGRAPHY

A Photography Project by Jeremy Mason McGraw based on the Crochet Art of Gina Gallina

YARNOGRAPHY is a concept photography collection by Global Image Creation Photographer Jeremy Mason McGraw based on the colorful contemporary Crochet Art of Gina Gallina.

Lost for several years do to a deleted youtube account and a crashed hard drive, this much loved short film was recently rediscovered and re-posted here for you to enjoy again.

In a world driven by increasingly complex and often unseen forces of will and technology a new subculture has risen from the masses to reshape perception through hook and loop; weaving the yarn that binds us into a new colorful reality to inhabit. Yarnography, our world through crochet covered glasses.

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A Crochet Artist and a Photographer, the Crochet Art of YARNOGRAPHY

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Yarn Hunter - Yarnography - Colorful Characters in Crochet Art by Gina Gallina - Photography Concepts by Jeremy Mason McGraw

Yarnography is a story about a group of average people driven insane by pressures and expectations of society around them. They feel a sense that things need fixing, at the same time, totally powerless to instigate change to make those things happen. Driven mad by their fixations, they lock themselves in their tiny apartments and crochet a fantasy world around them depicting their sense of a more ideal reality. In the end they may not be doing anything to fix the world but they sure do make it more colorful.

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