In the heart of Bentonville, Arkansas, as the holiday season wrapped the town in its festive embrace, there was an air of excitement and anticipation. The annual “Lighting of the Square” event was upon us, and we, the team from Global Image Creation, were there not just as observers, but as participants eager to soak in the joy and community spirit.

As we meandered around the square, the twinkling lights and the laughter of children created a backdrop that felt straight out of a storybook. The event is more than just a display of beautiful lights; it is a tapestry of Bentonville’s culture and warmth. As travel videographers and photographers, we have been witness to one of the big misses in many destination marketing plans: these local events are some of the best marketing, capture them, make media about them and share them. Big or small, your local culture is your best destination marketing.

The “Lighting of the Square” is a living, breathing example of what makes Bentonville, Arkansas, unique. It showcases the town’s ability to bring people together, creating memories that will last a lifetime and draw people back year after year. These are the moments that potential tourists seek – a chance to experience the genuine spirit of a place, beyond the usual tourist attractions.

We attended this year with our innovative Halumin™ H18, a marvel in the world of photography lighting, to capture fun street portraits of revelers. The Halumin™ H18, with its Open Cylindrical™ design, illuminated the joy of the occasion. You can find more on that at our Halumin website

Our experience at the “Lighting of the Square” event in Bentonville, Arkansas, was not just an evening of fun and photography. It was a lesson in the importance of local events in shaping the identity of a destination. These gatherings, these celebrations of culture and community, are what truly entice people to visit and explore.

And so, as the lights continued to twinkle in the Bentonville night, we knew that this event, and others like it, were not just festivities; they were the stories that would beckon travelers from around the world to come and write their own chapters in the vibrant book of Bentonville.