Styling Tips to Make Your Airbnb Photoshoot-Ready

The way you design your Airbnb property is easily one of the most crucial factors in getting bookings. Not only will good style and amenities attract the social media-savvy crowd looking for ‘gram-ready accommodations, but it will also make for better online photos for your general market. Of course, the nature of your photoshoot for the Airbnb will also dictate the impression it makes from a glance. It may help you to read ‘Your Guide to Planning a Great Hotel Photoshoot’ first to make sure that the set-up will go smoothly, since these tips can apply for different spaces.

Once you’ve managed that and have a date set, you’ll want to get to work on actually styling the place. Great photos need to have great content, and you don’t want to disappoint clients with a space that doesn’t live up to its advertisement. That’s why it’s good practice to stick to some essential tips when putting your space together.

Home Interior Design Photography - Airbnb Photoshoot

Make Comfort a Priority

One of the things you want to highlight is how comfortable your space is. How clean it is, what you actually put in the space, and the way it’s all set up can form a feeling of ease just from looking at it. If you can create little nooks that are picture-perfect and make someone want to stay in it from a single snap alone, then you’re on the right track.
In fact, research led by Alexander Kunst revealed that 78% of travelers aged 18 to 65 years old deemed a comfortable bed a high priority when choosing hotels. Show off your Airbnb bed by making the sleeping area cozy, splurge a little on some soft-looking beddings, and put in some natural materials in its vicinity to add that relaxed feel. A part of taking comfort into account also means thinking of convenience too. Try to show off amenities nicely positioned in accessible areas of the rooms.

Home Interior Design Photography - Airbnb Photoshoot

Add Some Personality

Aside from amenities, renters check out the overall feel of the place when it comes down to picking their ideal location. You can create a very specific aesthetic or theme that helps your listing stand out, which also prevents the space from feeling drab or overly sterile. There’s a fine line between a nice, clean space and a cold, uninviting hospital room.
As long as you don’t over pack the place to a point where it just looks cluttered, some added decoration and personal touches will be a great addition. Don’t be afraid of going a little bold here and there. A home décor guide by HomeServe Living includes different ways to make your walls pop, such as creating a themed gallery wall or creating an accent wall with paint and decals. They note just how much this simple design element can transform a room, and it can dictate just how inviting it can be. It will also make the focus of the photoshoot much easier as these will automatically draw the eye.

Home Interior Design Photography - Airbnb Photoshoot

Tailor Your Lighting

Good lighting is an obvious must for any successful photoshoot, but you also want to incorporate natural lighting and fixtures that you can show off to would-be renters in a mostly untouched photo. For instance, if you get a great photo of a section of the space featuring natural lighting that streams in, you can create a bright and airy feel that adds visual spaciousness and lightness.
Even the fixtures you install can affect the overall vibe of the place, and it can transcend in pictures. You can create space and shadows accordingly depending on your placement of lights, their brightness, and even their hue. A study published in the National Library of Medicine notes how people perceive a space’s pleasantness, aesthetics, spaciousness, and comfort based on the room’s lighting. Their notion of the quality of the interior design can be influenced by both the color and arrangement of light sources.
If you put some extra thought into these elements, you can create a stylish Airbnb perfectly primed for a top-tier photoshoot.

Home Interior Design Photography - Airbnb Photoshoot

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