Best Cameras and Equipment for Professional Hotel Photography

Best Cameras and Equipment for Professional Hotel Photography: An Expert’s Guide to Small Photography Gear

Discover the top equipment and cameras for professional hotel photography. Get expert recommendations for lightweight, versatile gear, including the Halumin Open Cylindrical light modifier, Osmo Pocket, and Insta 360.

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Home Interior Design Photography - Airbnb Photoshoot

Styling Tips to Make Your Airbnb Photoshoot-Ready

The way approach your Airbnb photoshoot is easily one of the most crucial factors in getting bookings. Here are a few things to consider.

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Obelisk Home Interior Image

High-Quality Images are Powerful Marketing Tools

Our client, Obelisk Home, won 8 out of a possible 10 awards at the recent 417 Home Magazine Design Awards.

Don’t overlook the advantage that high-quality, high-impact photos can give you when submitting your hotel, restaurant, or design work for an award.

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Influencer Selfie In Hotel Lobby at The Baur au Lac

What is an Influencer? The Short Answer is EVERYONE

Social media influencers are receiving a lot of attention at the moment for their role in hotel marketing. However, there’s an even more influential group of people that your hotel might be overlooking.

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Hotel Industry News

A Drug Smuggling Nun + Hotel Industry Trends and Hospitality News Worth Knowing

Our latest round-up of hotel industry, travel, and hospitality news has everything from a drug-smuggling nun to a failed sleepover on the Great China Wall, so grab a coffee and dive in!

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Pop-Up Hotel Room by Marriott International

Hotel Industry Trends and Hospitality News That’s Worth Knowing

In our latest round-up of hotel industry trends and hospitality news we’re looking at pop-up hotels, AirBnB’s new Travel Stories feature, research that shows millennials prefer receiving travel updates via email, and how to use Trip Consideration for Facebook and Instagram.

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Hotel Photographers, Luxury Hotel Photography, Resort Photographer of Michelin Star Restaurant Pavillon Exterior - Hotel Baur au Lac, Zurich - Professional Food Photography, Culinary Photographer, Restaurant Photos

The Difference Between a Hotel Photography Agency and a Hotel Photographer

Often, when speaking with a client, we will describe ourselves as a “hotel photography agency”, rather than simply hotel or travel photographers. It’s not a common term, because we’re not a common business.

A hotel photographer creates the perfect images to serve a distinct purpose in a predetermined strategy. Often, this is what large brands, like the St Regis, Luxury Collection, and the Westin, will hire us to do: create incredible visual assets for their marcom teams. We are no strangers to working with large teams in a variety of roles, and can work with in-house marketing teams and advertising agencies to execute a vision, or collaborate to develop and produce a concept.

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