Halumin: The New Photography Lighting Modifier That's Changing the Game

Would you like to be able to achieve a variety of different looks without having to carry around lots of different lighting modifiers? Do you want to work faster and get better results than ever before? If so, Halumin may be the product you’ve been waiting for! Halumin is the new lighting modifier that starts a new category called Open Cylindrical (OC) lighting. It was invented by Global Image Creation’s founder Jeremy Mason McGraw to improve performance for professional photographers and amateurs! It’s time to discover what’s possible with (OC) lighting!

Halumin Product Photography and Food Photography Lighting Modifier made Easy
  • Halumin allows pros to work faster with minimal gear; and amateurs to achieve professional results with virtually no learning curve.
  • The magic is the modifier. Halumin’s OCL design is similar to a software preset, but in a physical space. It essentially creates a “physical lighting layer,” which allows for intuitive and fast lighting setups.
  • Halumin’s US and International patent pending design supports both flash and continuous LED light sources.
  • Halumin can be used freestyle/handheld with speed-lights, or fixed/studio attached to larger lighting with the optional studio lighting adaptor.
  • Halumin is compact when packed and in use. It weighs less than four pounds and packs down to a size smaller than a typical backpack. When open, its footprint remains small (36" x 36" x 8" / 914 x 914 x 302mm), allowing studio-quality images to be captured almost anywhere with minimal disruption.

Where Can You Buy Halumin Photography Lighting Modifier?

Halumin is currently in production and will be available on the HaluminPhoto.com website in 2023. The best way to assure you are updated as soon as it becomes available is to go to the website and join the Haluminati.