A Passion For Travel

Producing exceptional high quality hotel photography, travel videos, and marketing for luxury hotels and tourism leaders around the world has its perks. The most exciting and inspiring perk, is the opportunity to see the world when we visit our clients. Most of our time is full of photoshoots and preparations but even during our off time it’s hard to not bring the camera with us.

Throughout our world travels, our passion for exploring cultures and sharing these trips with our followers encompasses our journey. It’s a natural thought to want to capture every nook and cranny in search of a photograph that captures the feel of travel. The world is vast and full of life, most of the people we meet are amazing, and with every journey our knowledge and inspiration grows.

A Travel Photography Lighting Adventure With The Profoto A1

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In the meantime, we pulled out three videos of past short adventures we’ve taken while “off work” yet still on camera. A piece of every adventure enhances our work as visual storytellers.  This quote from Ibn Battuta (traveled the world in the 1300s) exemplifies our feelings, “Traveling, it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.”

Travel grants you a lifetime of new experiences.

From the sounds of the streets to the flavors of the food, different cultures and exotic places push our creative passions to explore out-of-the-box thinking. A great example of this is the now famous and extremely popular river surfing in Munich, Germany. In the 1970’s an ocean deprived surfer noticed a unique feature in a downtown river in Munich – the perfect endless wave. He grabbed his board, hopped on the water and river surfing was born. Now you can find a line of river surfing enthusiasts riding the wave in Munich nearly 24 hours a day. It’s an interesting sight to discover while walking the streets and the innovative thinking leads us to wonder what else is out there.

River Surfing in Munich's Eisbach River at Night

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Nothing inspires thoughts of dauntless adventure quite like the ocean.

The glistening water disappearing into the horizon, invites the imagination to wander. Creative Director, Jeremy Mason McGraw spent two years living on a ship and began to see the map in reverse  – “The places on the map that were blue became my country and the edges of green and brown patches became my shores to explore.” McGraw developed a relationship with the vast ocean, watching it’s ever-changing moods.

Take a quick look at this quick video from the shore, when the ocean was in a happy slow motion temper.

Toes in the Sand at Kure Beach - North Carolina Travel Tips

The immensity of mountains energize the mind.

There has always been a mysticism associated with mountains provoking legends of secret temples, homes to gods and sleeping giants. Mountains have confronted humanity with the realization of a larger sense of being. Before roads and satellite maps explorers walked blind into the mountains, discovering a new world over every peak. The rewards of such a journey are envious.

Winter Walk at Zervreilasee Dam in Vals Switzerland

These three videos are just a taste of the inspiration available through world travel. What spots are your favorites or inspired you the most? We’d love to hear from you – send us an email at info@globalimagecreation.com or reach out on social media. For vibrant visual travel inspiration follow us on Instagram.

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