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Discover the diverse range of Global Image Creation photography and video projects featured across the web. Our team’s innovative work in photography and videography has garnered attention from leading online platforms, reflecting our commitment to excellence and creativity in capturing compelling visual stories. This section highlights a selection of our favorite projects that have been showcased on various external websites, offering a glimpse into the impact and reach of our work in the photography community.

PetaPixel Takes on Halumin™ in an In-Depth Independent Review

PetaPixel, a renowned authority in the photography community, recently conducted an in-depth, independent review of the Halumin™ H18. Their comprehensive analysis offers plenty to celebrate, and it’s certainly a topic of pride and conversation at any gathering!


Halumin™’s First Independent Review on Fstoppers, a leading photography website, has recently published an extensive, independent review of the Halumin™ H18 modifier, a cutting-edge lighting tool designed to transform small subject photography. The H18 modifier, with its innovative Open Cylindrical™ (OC) design, is not just a lighting tool but a game-changer in the world of photography, offering unprecedented versatility and ease of use.


Introducing Halumin a New Kind of Lighting Tool for Professional Hotel Photography

Global Image Creation proudly unveils Halumin™, a novel Open Cylindrical™ (OC) lighting tool by founder Jeremy Mason McGraw. Revolutionizing food photography and enhancing hotel social media imagery, Halumin offers a portable, easy-to-use solution for both professionals and amateurs. It simplifies on-location shoots and reduces the learning curve in lighting, enabling quick, professional results for product photography, creators, and hobbyists. Embrace efficiency and innovation with Halumin, the future of photography lighting.


Our Short Film About the Legendary Hotel Baur au Lac

Our short film “The Baur au Lac: 175 Years of Family,” premiers to celebrate the legacy of a legendary luxury hotel. This film goes beyond showcasing the elegance of rooms, pools, and cuisine at the Baur au Lac. It delves into the heart of the hotel’s storied history, narrated through the voices of actual guests, dedicated staff, and the multiple generations of the family who have upheld its legacy. This production brings to life the unique narrative that has made the Baur au Lac legendary in the hospitality world.


Online Photography Magazine Fstoppers Covers Secret Spotlight Episode 1

It was an exciting day when we posted the first episode of Secret Spotlight. Anytime we launch a new project the hope is that people will respond to it so it was a great surprise when only a few days after we uploaded the episode, we were notified that Martin Van Londen from Fstoppers, an online photography magazine with around 6 million monthly page views, that they were going to be featuring the project.


Jeremy Mason McGraw Featured in 10 Creators to Watch on Tik Tok

Social Media APPs come and go so fast it’s often difficult to know what platforms to invest your time in. It seems like the best thing to do is simply to keep your eyes open and use the APPs you actually enjoy. Don’t force it. Our Creative Director, Jeremy Mason McGraw opened a Tik Tok account to try for Global Image Creation to try out during a trip to Australia. The account grew quickly and soon amassed well over a million video views and thousands of followers, but most importantly, the community is fun. It even attracted the attention of Fstoppers for their top 10 list of Tik Tok accounts to watch.


Jeremy Mason McGraw on New Bern Live Podcast

A local podcast called New Bern Live invited Global Image Creation’s Creative Director, Jeremy Mason McGraw on the show. During the episode he talked about fun stories of travel, luxury hotel photography and riding Falkor the Luck Dragon in Germany.


The Story of My Light Featured by Italian Online Magazine Olbianova

The Story of My Light was a really fun project about our travel experiences with the amazing Profoto A1 Studio Flash. We shot the project around Olbia Sardinia and were delighted to see that the story was covered by Olbianova. If you want to read the article, brush up on your Italian and click on over.


The Story of My Light Premieres on!

We are excited to premiere “The Story of My Light,” on This short film capture Global Image Creation’s adventurous project in Sardinia with the Profoto A1, the world’s smallest studio light. Reuniting with Matteo and Rita of All Me Connection after a decade, we embarked on a 10-day journey, equipped with 10 A1s, to create 10 distinct shoots. Embracing spontaneity, we leveraged the A1’s ease of use to craft incredible photos without extensive planning. Matteo and Rita, with their extensive knowledge of Sardinia and its people, guided our unpredictable daily adventures, making each day a unique photographic experience.


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