Video Marketing Tips for Luxury Travel

In a recent blog we talked about the emotive and engaging power of video marketing, as well as the tradition that NASA started, and that SpaceX has continued, of using video to market space exploration.

In this blog, we’re applying the lessons of video marketing specifically to luxury travel, and answering the biggest question that clients have when they come to us: where do we start? 

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When luxury travel clients, luxury hotels and destinations come to us, the first thing we recommend is that they ensure they have a fantastic set of images that they’re completely happy with. Images are the most important visual marketing asset you can have, and most of the time should take priority over other initiatives, including video. That said, we are believers in the power of video marketing. We also believe that to realize the true total value of video, it must be done as part of your broader luxury travel marketing and channel strategy.

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If you have your broader strategy in place and a solid set of images, then it’s time to start looking at how you can use video to complement the other content that you’re creating and grow your brand.

There are many types of videos that serve many different purposes. In this blog, we’ll break down a few key types of videos you might consider developing, the different purposes they serve, and which type should take priority when. We have broken the different types of video we are addressing into three broad categories: evergreen, ongoing, and occasional.

There’s no need to try and do everything in this list. Instead, pick the styles that suit your brand and your marketing strategy the best.

Evergreen Video Content

The videos in this category can be used consistently over a long period of time.

Brand Film

A short film about the Hotel Baur au Lac
Chef Sven Wassmer is the passionate chef of 7132 Silver in Vals Switzerland.


A brand film introduces potential guests to your brand, and conveys the experience that you provide. It should be a professional video with a high production value that you can continue using for several years. Brand films tend to be longer than other types of video content, so instead of focusing on keeping your film to a particular length, focus on the story you want to tell, and then tell it as succinctly and effectively as possible. For an example, take a look at the award-winning brand film we created for the Baur au Lac.


The purpose of a brand film is to raise awareness of your brand; it is something a potential guest may look for when they’re trying to find more information about you. Your brand film should sit in a prominent place on your website and be linked to wherever potential guests may go to look for information, such as on your Facebook “about” page. For a little extra investment, your brand film can also cut into shorter, more shareable pieces for social media.


If you have the budget for a great brand film this should be a  priority, and it should set the tone for the rest of your video content. If you are struggling to find the budget, start your video marketing efforts with content that requires a lower initial investment.

Explainer Videos


Explainers provide a high level overview of the services you provide, and help your audience understand why they need the service you’re offering. An explainer is only necessary if you offer a niche experience that your target guest may not have come across before. These videos should have a high production value and embody your brand personality.


The purpose of an explainer is to raise awareness, but also to answer any questions and ease any concerns a potential guests may have. Your explainer should feature anywhere a guest may go to look for information.


If you offer a service that is unique – perhaps you’re a luxury health facility that promotes weight loss through mindfulness – then an explainer should be a very high priority. If, however, you are offering a more conventional luxury experience, the exceptional quality of your service can be better demonstrated with other types of video.


Visual Storytelling with Parallax and a Helicopter Image for a Luxury Hotel


These videos describe the experience that you provide with each service you offer, such as your incredible rooms, your onsite restaurant, or your world-class spa. They should have a high production value and represent your brand’s attributes.


A potential guest is likely to watch services videos when they are in the “interest” phase of a buying funnel and seeking more information. These videos sit on the corresponding services pages of your website, and can also be effectively pushed through your social media channels.


Services videos can be leveraged across many channels and serve as an incredible sales tool. They’re definitely worth exploring if you have the budget to do them right.

Ongoing Video Content

The video types in this category form part of your ongoing content marketing strategy. These videos communicate your brand culture and values, and market the experience you provide.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Hotel Photoshoot Video - Hotel Photographer Jeremy Mason McGraw Shooting in Vals Switzerland for Luxury Hotel 7132


In these videos your company culture and the personality of your employees shine through. The quality of behind the scenes videos can vary from short clips captured via a mobile device, to live Instagram stories, to professionally produced documentary-style videos, such as this interview with head florist Loren Fischer that we created for the Baur au Lac.


These videos should share the culture of your brand and also form an emotional connection with your potential guests. They are intended primarily for your social media channels and blog.


Behind the scenes videos can be a very engaging part of a broader video strategy for any luxury travel provider. If you don’t have a huge budget for video marketing – and if it’s something that suits your brand and marketing strategy – sharing some behind the scenes snippets on social media can be a great, low cost introduction to the world of video marketing.

Destination Marketing Videos

Roll On at The Church of 8 Wheels in San Fransisco, CA


These videos explore and promote the destination that you provide access to. For an example, take a look at the series of destination marketing videos we created for Staypineapple hotel. These professionally produced videos help inspire and excite your guests. They can be used across channels in a variety of ways, as well as used to inspire user generated content.


For almost all luxury travel providers, your location – or the location you provide access to – is one of your most compelling assets. Destination marketing videos promote your services by promoting your location.


These videos can be an incredibly compelling and successful element of a broader content marketing strategy. They also provide great opportunities to create cross promotional programs. We have been creating destination videos for travel bureaus and properties for many years, and are big believers in their effectiveness. In terms of priority, we would place them somewhere between services and a brand film depending on your specific needs.

Occasional Video Content

The videos in this category are occasional, and related to particular events or offers.

Event Videos

Hotel Baur au Lac Christmas Tree Lighting Video, Zurich


Event videos can be created and shared prior to an event you’re hosting or one in your location, or after an event that you’ve hosted. They can take a variety of forms, from polished and highly produced to short clips taken on your mobile phone.


The purpose of these videos can be either to promote an event you’re hosting, promote staying with you during a large event in your location, or to demonstrate the success of an event you hosted.


If events are part of the services you provide that you want to promote, or if there is a bigger event happening that is in line with your brand, these videos can form an effective part of your video strategy.

Silo Videos


These videos are designed to capture “silo travelers”, people traveling for a specific reason or experience. These videos can be a mix of high and low production value and show why your property is the best place to find the particular experience your target guest is seeking.


To appeal directly to niche travelers that you’ve identified as among your target guest, for example avid divers or hikers who organize their travel around their interests.


If there is a niche traveler your brand appeals to, or a truly out of the ordinary experience your property offers, these videos can be highly effective part of your broader strategy. They can also be very sharable content and perform well on social.

Offer/Competition Videos


These videos are used to promote special offer or competitions. They can take a variety of forms depending on what you need to promote.


Videos are highly engaging and shareable, which makes them a great tool to promote special offers and competitions on social media.


If you are running a competition or special offer, we highly recommend using video as part of your marketing.

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