Happy New Year!

We had a great 2015, and are ready to tackle 2016.

The past few months, in the midst of managing several client projects, we also took on our own big project, a new website design! We worked with web developers around the world to create a simple sleek design highlighting what we do, and we are finally ready to launch. Take a look around the site and let us know your thoughts and of course, your favorite photographs and videos.

Our specialty is telling our client’s stories in intriguing visual content that exemplifies our motto, “Be the Conversation.”

A high quality piece, from a photograph to a short film, shared in media around the world  increases our client’s awareness and engages future customers. Our highlights from 2015 demonstrate some of that high quality work.

Here’s a look back at our 2015 highlights.

Baur Au Lac short film

Working with the staff from the luxurious hotel at the Baur Au Lac in Zurich, Switzerland was a treasure. Every hotel’s story is unique and through the short film we portrayed the feeling behind rich history of the Baur Au Lac. From the talented florist to the impressively knowledgeable concierge, the short film shines a light on what makes the Baur Au Lac special, making it a destination each viewer wants to visit. The video has over 27,000 views online in just a short three month period. View the short film here or click the video below.

Baur au Lac Breakfast on The Terrace, View of Lake Zurich

7132 Hotel and Spa Vlog Series 

In July, we set off to Switzerland on assignment from the breathtaking 7132 Hotel and Spa in the small quaint town of Vals. We decided to take you with us, through a video series that highlighted our behind the scenes antics and gave you context of where we were and how we work. It turned out to be very successful being shared and viewed online, and comments came rolling in remarking on the beauty of the countryside, the 7132 Hotel and Spa and our photography and video work. Thank you to everyone who supported this effort! To view any of the short behind the scenes videos visit our YouTube page here.

Photograph Highlights from 2015 

Our head photographer, Jeremy Mason McGraw took tens of thousands of images this year between interior design photoshoots, luxury hotels, and creative projects. When asked to pick just ONE, from the entire year, he struggled to pick just one, here are his top three from 2015!

Lifestyle Photography at 7132 Hotel & Spa

The first is from our lifestyle photography shoot at 7132 Hotel & Spa in Vals, Switzerland. 7132 has a private helicopter to transport guests quick and in style. Rather than just a static shot of the helicopter, Jeremy proposed this image of a stylish couple exiting the craft as it hovers very close to the ground. The image was a blast to shoot and really, wouldn’t you love to be this couple?


The New Baur Au Lac Lobby

After completing a long awaited renovation of the lobby, the Baur Au Lac Hotel brought us in to capture the amazing space. The balance of colors and textures create an inviting mood in the lobby which was an exciting and challenging feeling to capture. We were delighted to see the final image across a full two pages of a 29 page spread of our images in Views magazine.

Baur au Lac Lobby in Sotherbeys Catalog
The renovated impressive lobby at the Baur Au Lac.

A Stunning Holiday Living Room

Technically, this image was from 2014, but it was not published until 2015, leading us to add it to this year’s highlights! The warm timber frame living room, designed by Ron Hill (Euro World Design), was given a detailed Christmas makeover that many have called “The Ultimate Christmas Living Room.” Our lighting was designed to capture the grander of the space while still keeping a cozy feel. It is one of our favorite interior shots, partly because the photo invites you in to curl up by the fireplace for the holidays.

ron hill ultimate christmas living room timber frame home

The new year is now

We are motivated and impassioned to begin this new year with a bang! Our new website showcases our work and provides a landing page for clients to get to know who we are. If you are interested in any of our services, we’d love to hear from you via email, our contact form, or any of our social media channels.

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