Vogue Knitting Live To The Queen

Jeremy Mason McGraw (Global Image Creation Creative Director) and crochet artist Gina Rose Gallina collaborated on numerous projects since their random meeting at a small town art show years ago. In 2013, they produced Yarnography, a photography concept collection exemplifying our world through a crochet covered glass. Their recent collaboration centers around Gina’s new work, the “Queen Bee,” which is headed to Vogue Knitting Live New York City.

Jeremy produced a creative short film capturing the essence of how the Queen Bee buzzed to life:

A crochet story based on the work of Gina Gallina. Directed by Jeremy Mason McGraw

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The Queen Bee At Vogue Knitting Live

“The Dungeons and Dragons of the yarn world” is how Gina describes the adventure of Vogue Knitting Live. Vogue Knitting Live is the ultimate knitting event, occurring January 13-15 (the same time as NY Fashion week). The event showcases knitting and crochet fashion from leaders in the yarn world, and Gina is one of them.

Gina is a crochet artist using yarn to develop imaginative exhibits inspired by her former gypsy lifestyle, personal love stories, and sometimes her biggest fears. Gina’s crochet art has evolved and intensified since her grandmother’s crocheted newborn cap teaching at 8 years old. From yarn bombing a small town to creating elaborate crochet exhibits, Gina continues to push her art to find it’s limitless.

In her most recent work, Gina collaborated with Vogue Knitting Live to develop an idea for the Queen Bee. Vogue Knitting Live admired Gina’s previous crochet work including an elegant gown and a wearable bumble bee inspired jumpsuit. The concepts were combined to make the exhibit more spring-like to be in alignment with the New York show. The Queen Bee exhibit is an expression of an exquisite queen bee surrounded by the bright colorful landscape her family brings to this world, through the crochet art of Gina.

“A Bee Flew Up My Kimono!”

Bees, one of Gina’s biggest fears, inspired the original bee jumpsuit. At the height of her bee phobia, Gina was accosted by a bee flying up her kimono. The costume was an attempt to face her fear, connect with bees and acknowledge the bee as it is, part of this life.

When Gina first showed Jeremy the Queen Bee, one of his reactions emphasized the whole of the exhibit. He suggested connecting her work to the current environmental issues facing native bee populations. Native bee populations are decreasing in large numbers due to commercial and industrial pesticide use. Any decline in bees is reason for concern as bees pollinate one third of our food supply. The Queen Bee exhibit symbolizes this connection to our natural world and Gina’s story of conquering her bee fears.

Check out this three part interview with Gina Gallina:

The Upcoming “Giant” Project

Beyond Vogue Knitting Live, Jeremy and Gina have another exciting project in the works. Their partnership has developed into a colorful combination expanding the limits of what they can do individually to explore their creativity together. Stay tuned for the unveiling of a “Giant” project on March 4th at The Alise Chicago.

  • Queen Bee at Vogue Knitting Live January 13-15, 2017.
  • Queen Bee on display at The Alise Chicago February 15- March 4, 2017.
  • Unveiling of a new “Giant” crochet project at The Alise Chicago March 4, 2017.

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