We often talk about art as an object, but it is more verb than it is noun. It is a way of grasping the world, of expressing our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. Art is a doing word; like run, speak, create, laugh, live. It is imagining, crafting, etching, sculpting. It is reading, receiving, and interpreting. The medium, the subject, and the approach to art are all bounded only by the imagination of the artist, it is the action that makes the art, in whatever form that takes.

At Global Image Creation, we love the doing of art. We love the ideas, development, lights and cameras, the models and textures, the challenges and rewards of our own art. We also love that our work gives us the opportunity to witness and record other people doing art; cooking, arranging flowers, even glassblowing. One of the greatest joys of our work, however, is when we get to collaborate with other people in the doing of art. To draw on everyone’s skills, experience, perspective, and ideas to create something that no one involved could have made alone.

The Farmer and The Bee - A Crochet Art Film

A crochet story based on the work of Gina Gallina. Directed by Jeremy Mason McGraw

Jeremy Mason McGraw on Making a Crochet Art Film

Making a Crochet Art Film Directed By Jeremy Mason McGraw with Gina Gallina and Zeek Taylor

One of our favorite artists to collaborate with is Eureka Springs, Arkansas crochet artist Gina Rose Gallina. Gina creates whimsical, colorful, and vibrant worlds inspired by her dreams, her imagination, her fears, and her particular way of viewing the world. Gina’s medium is yarn, and her tool is a crochet hook (and sometimes knitting needles).

Since their meeting Jeremy and Gina have collaborated on a number of projects that combine Gina’s crochet sculptures and Jeremy’s skills concepting as well as photography and video production.


Jeremy, our CEO and Creative Director, met Gina in 2013 at Eureka Spring’s White Street Walk. Since their meeting Jeremy and Gina have collaborated on a number of projects that combine Gina’s crochet sculptures and Jeremy’s skills, concepts as well as photography and video production. One of their earliest projects, YARNOGRAPHY, imagined a group of average people driven insane by the knowledge that things in the world need fixing but feeling powerless to fix anything. Instead, they lock themselves in their apartments and crochet a fantasy world that depicts a more ideal reality. More about Bentonville art project YARNOGRAPHY.

A Crochet Artist and a Photographer, the Crochet Art of YARNOGRAPHY


In another collaboration, called Yarnolutionary, Jeremy and Gina re-imagined the French Revolution through yarn and created a whimsical mashup world where a revolution of creative expression is fueled by crochet. See the full Bentonville art project here.


In 2016, Vogue Knitting – the preeminent American fashion magazine about knitting – reached out to Gina and asked her to create a piece for their upcoming knitting event, Vogue Knitting Live. Gina worked with Vogue Knitting to establish a concept that combined the bumble bee character from the Yarnography project with the elegance of the Yarnolutionary crochet gowns. The final piece, called the “Queen Bee”, is an exquisite bee surrounded by bright and colourful flowers that her family helped grow.

In the lead up to the event, Jeremy and Gina worked together to create a video introducing the Queen Bee. In the whimsical video, a farmer (played by Artist: Zeek Taylor) plants a seed and releases a bee into a barren landscape, and, as time progresses, an oasis of flowers emerges with the Queen Bee (played by Gina Gallina) at its heart. The video not only illustrates the symbiosis of nature, but highlights that creativity can grow and flourish beyond any limitations and in any environment given only a few key ingredients.

The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times, and Gina and Jeremy have since collaborated on other equally delightful and successful projects.

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