The Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich Switzerland Christmas Tree Video

There is a moment every year when you realize the holiday season has arrived. It’s not when the shops start playing Christmas carols or stocking advent calendars, and it’s not when Santa hats start decorating ads and catalogues. It’s a moment that’s more personal. It’s the text from your friend that says, “Christmas drinks on Friday?”; or it’s your daughter coming home with a holiday card she made herself; or it’s the sudden dump of snow that makes you want to call in sick and spend the day drinking hot chocolate and building a snowman.

It’s the moment when – despite the family drama and the chaos and all the money you know you’ll have to spend on gifts – you find yourself smiling, and realize you’re looking forward to it all.

A Zurich Switzerland Christmas comes for many visitors, one night in late November, when the Baur au Lac turns on the 70,000 lights that decorate the city’s tallest Christmas tree.

Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich Switzerland Christmas Tree Lighting Video

This year, we were there to capture the Hotel Baur au Lac’s annual Christmas tree lighting and produce a video on the same day. We filmed the staff laughing and joking as they decorated the hotel and grounds with lights and wreaths and flowers at 3am the night before the lighting. We watched the excitement on guests’ faces as they walked into the lobby in the morning and found that, overnight, the holidays had arrived. We saw guests point out all of the new – the two gingerbread houses, the candy Christmas tree, the lights on the chalet outside – and we were reminded of the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning as a child and rushing out of bed to check if presents had arrived under the tree, or if Santa had taken one of the cookies left out the night before.

At 6pm that night, we captured the moment that 70,000 lights on the Baur au Lac’s Christmas tree blinked on – at the same time as city lights across Zurich – and the moment that the holidays arrived for all of the people and families who had come to watch.

The annual Zurich Switzerland Christmas tree lighting is just one of the many Christmas traditions hosted by the Baur au Lac. There’s also daily afternoon teas, a family concert, a unique Christmas menu, and a holiday chalet that brings the warmth and coziness of a mountain cabin to Zurich. Every event and feature is designed to make people feel happy, comfortable, and at home.

There is, however, something extra special about the Christmas tree lighting. It doesn’t just mark the start of the holiday season; it carries with it the potential of all of the warmth, happiness, chaos, and love the season will bring.

On the night that the Christmas tree was lit, we could feel all of that expectant, excited energy in the air, and we knew that to truly capture the magic of that feeling, we had to get the video of the night edited and ready to post quickly. We wanted the video to reignite that feeling for the people who were there, and bring that feeling to the people who weren’t.

After the festivities died down we raced back to our rooms and edited late into the night. We sipped hot tea and talked about our holiday plans and poured our own excitement and expectations into the video.

When the video was posted on the Baur au Lac’s Facebook we watched eagerly as people began sharing their own excitement about the Baur au Lac and about the holiday. As the likes and comments and shares rolled in, and we realized that the excitement and joy we captured had connected with people all over the world, that was the moment the holiday season truly arrived for us.

Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich Switzerland Christmas Tree Lighting
Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich Switzerland Christmas Tree Lighting

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