Bentonville Art Spotlight: YARNOLUTIONARY – Global Image Creation Produces Gina Gallina’s Crochet Revolution

In the early days of Bentonville’s burgeoning art scene, a revolutionary event named YARNOLUTIONARY emerged, showcasing the intricate beauty of crochet art. Spearheaded by the renowned artist Gina Gallina, this event marked a unique intersection of historic elegance and modern crochet craftsmanship. Global Image Creation played a pivotal role in bringing this visionary concept to life, blending art and fun with Gina’s unforgettable display of artistry.

Bentonville Art of Crochet Event YARNOLUTIONARY by Gina Gallina

Weaving a Bentonville Art Event

“YARNOLUTIONARY” was more than just an exhibition; it was a tribute to the Creative Revolution happening in Bentonville art, reimagined through the art of crochet. Gina Gallina’s months of dedication were evident in each stitch of the elaborate gowns, wigs, and props, all crafted in a delicate palette of cream, pink, and baby blue. These pieces weren’t just garments; they were wearable art, designed to live on as evidence of the creative transformation of Northwest Arkansas.

So You Think You Can Crochet? YARNOLUTIONARY Crochet Teaser Video

Global Image Creation’s Role:

As the driving force behind this event, Global Image Creation undertook the immense task of planning and producing a comprehensive promotional campaign. This included captivating images and videos that not only highlighted the whimsical genius of Gina Gallina’s work but also the essence of Bentonville’s emerging art culture. Global Image Creation planned a grand costume ball at 21c Museum Hotel in addition to the display of Gina’s collection at the original Pressroom. Unfortunately a massive snowstorm that canceled the Ball, but the “Yarnolutionary” show not only proceeded but flourished, drawing admiration and awe from art enthusiasts and the general public alike.

Crochet Hair Teaser Video for YARNOLUTIONARY

Impact and Recognition:

The aftermath of “YARNOLUTIONARY” saw Gina Gallina’s work receive local acclaim. One of her gowns was showcased at the 21c Museum Hotel, resonating with a wider audience and reinforcing the significance of Bentonville art. Gina’s work with YARNOLUTIONARY, laid the foundations for her masterpiece “Queen Bee” that not only toured the Vogue Knitting Live events but also featured in the lobby of Chicago’s Staypineapple Hotel during its grand opening. Global Image Creation produced Gina’s early creative presence in the Bentonville art scene at the start of the revolution.

An Artistic Thread

“YARNOLUTIONARY” was more than an event; it was a symbol of artistic revolution and collaboration. Global Image Creation’s involvement in this project underscores our commitment to promoting Bentonville art and supporting artists like Gina Gallina. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation within the art community, further solidifying Bentonville’s place on the global art stage.

Yarnolutionary - French Revolutionary Crochet Art Dress by Gina Gallina
YARNOLUTIONARY appearance at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art