Stitching fun into art hotel brand culture: Producing BIG Produce with Crochet Artist Gina Gallina for Staypineapple

In the whimsical world of Staypineapple Hotels, a unique collaboration in 2017 brought a new kind of fruit to the lobby – not for eating, but for awe and admiration. Global Image Creation, led by creative director Jeremy Mason McGraw, teamed up with the renowned crochet artist Gina Gallina to create a larger-than-life crochet pineapple sculpture for an art hotel. This project wasn’t just about art; it was about infusing a sense of fun, freshness, and cultural vibrancy into the brand.

Picture this: a 10-foot tall crochet pineapple, meticulously crafted by Gallina, standing proudly in the hotel lobby. This was no ordinary pineapple. It was a vibrant, playful, and utterly unique centerpiece that captured the essence of Staypineapple Hotels’ commitment to creating extraordinary experiences. But the fun didn’t stop there. The pineapple was surrounded by a ‘pineapple patch’ – a collection of smaller crocheted pineapples, each representing a hotel in the Staypineapple collection. This delightful installation first graced the floors of Staypineapple Chicago before making its way to the sunny Staypineapple San Francisco.

Gina Gallina's Giant Pineapple Accenting an Art Hotel Brand

Gina Gallina’s work is characterized by its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and a touch of whimsy. Her ability to turn yarn into awe-inspiring installations aligns perfectly with Global Image Creation’s philosophy of bringing stories to life through visual art. Together, they managed to create a narrative that was not just seen, but felt by every guest walking through the doors.

Gina's Giant Crochet Pineapple on Display at the Staypineapple San Fransisco
Gina's Giant Crochet Pineapple on Display at the Staypineapple San Fransisco

But why crochet, you might ask? And why a giant pineapple? The answer lies in the power of art to transform spaces and experiences. Art in hotels, especially something as unconventional and cheerful as a giant crocheted pineapple, serves as a conversation starter, a memorable landmark, and a symbol of the hotel’s unique personality. It’s a testament to how art can be an integral part of the guest experience, transcending mere decoration to become a part of the hotel’s identity.

Timelapse of the Giant Pineapple being setup at the Staypineapple in Chicago

This project is a prime example of how art can be leveraged to enhance brand culture in the hospitality industry. It’s not just about having art for hotels; it’s about creating art that resonates with the brand’s ethos and leaves a lasting impression on guests. In the case of Staypineapple Hotels, the giant crochet pineapple became synonymous with their commitment to fun, creativity, and a unique guest experience.

The collaboration with Global Image Creation and Gina Gallina for Staypineapple Hotels demonstrates the impact of integrating playful and imaginative art into commercial spaces and leveraging it to build depth and community around an art hotel brand. This venture not only showcased the talents of a remarkable crochet artist but also cemented the brand’s image as an art hotel that values creativity and fun, proving that a little bit of yarn can weave a lot of magic into the fabric of a brand’s culture.

2017 - BIG Pineapple Teaser Video 1 by Global Image Creation
2017 Big Pineapple Teaser 2 by Global Image Creation
2017 Big Pineapple Teaser 2 by Global Image Creation
2017 Pineapple Patch San Fransisco Teaser by Global Image Creation