A Model for Tourism and Destination Marketing Strategy – Eureka Springs: A Culinary Landscape

In a collaborative effort between Global Image Creation and White Phoenix Films, the picturesque town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, employed a vibrant travel and destination marketing strategy. The centerpiece of this initiative was the creation of a 2:30-minute video titled “Eureka Springs Arkansas: A Culinary Landscape,” which beautifully showcases the town’s rich culinary heritage and colorful creative culture.

Destination Marketing With a Food Video for Eureka Springs Arkansas

The Thesis Behind the Destination Marketing Project

The project’s success was anchored on a simple yet powerful thesis: by aiming to produce a beautiful final video and engaging as many local businesses and community members as possible, the project would amplify the spirit and culture of the community. This approach not only highlighted the town’s culinary landscape but also fostered a sense of ownership and pride among the locals.

The Making of a Destination Marketing Video for Eureka Springs

Engaging the Community

To bring this vision to life, over 50 short social media videos were created, each documenting different aspects of the project. These videos featured various participants, from chefs and restaurant owners to local artisans and musicians, each sharing their unique contributions. This not only provided diverse content for the audience but also allowed participants to spread the word about their involvement, further embedding the project’s message within the community.

A standout feature of the project was a live street party concert by the local band “Fossils of Ancient Robots.” This event not only served as an engaging way to involve the community but also provided a lively backdrop for the video, encapsulating the town’s creative and festive spirit. The concert was a celebration of local talent and an embodiment of the community’s vibrant culture.

The Theatrical Premiere of Our Destination Marketing Video

Project Deliverables

Upon completion, the project delivered a range of multimedia assets:

  • The final 2:30-minute “Culinary Landscape” video.

  • Several shorter social media clips derived from the main video.

  • A 4-minute music video for “Fossils of Ancient Robots.”

  • Over 50 social media videos, each featuring various restaurants and businesses that contributed to the project.


The “Eureka Springs Arkansas: A Culinary Landscape” project exemplifies the power of community-driven destination marketing. By engaging local businesses and community members and documenting their contributions through a mix of video content, the project not only amplified the town’s cultural spirit but also created a lasting impact that continues to draw interest. This approach can be a valuable blueprint for other destinations seeking to elevate their travel marketing strategies.