The Difference Between a Hotel Photography Agency and a Hotel Photographer

Often, when speaking with a client, we will describe ourselves as a “ hotel photography agency ”, rather than simply hotel or travel photographers. It’s not a common term, because we’re not a common business.

A hotel photographer creates the perfect images to serve a distinct purpose in a predetermined strategy. Often, this is what large brands, like the St Regis, Luxury Collection, and Westin, will hire us to do: create incredible visual assets for their marcom teams. We are no strangers to working with large teams in a variety of roles, and can work with in-house marketing teams and advertising agencies to execute a vision, or collaborate to develop and produce a concept.

Luxury Hotel Photography, Resort Photographer Photoshoots

However, we are more than hotel photographers, and we offer services that extend beyond hotel photography. We have worked in the world of visual marketing for more than 15 years, and our team is comprised of branding, marketing, and visual communication experts as well as photographers, editors, and hotel video production professionals. We’re a creative hotel photography agency. We craft marketing strategies and concepts for hotels that prioritize the visual experience, as well as produce hotel photography, videos, and content in-house.

It’s more than a photo, its your image. Global Image Creation is the hotel photographer of legendary hotels. How can we work together?

Our Hotel Photography Services

Clients who already have a strong grasp on the visual assets they need come to us for our exceptional hotel photography services. These clients might include a luxury hotel chain working with a marketing and advertising agency, or a resort with a large in-house marketing team. Or, the client may be a photo editor for a magazine. In any of these cases, the client knows the images that they need. They have already crafted a strategy, and they can provide us with a shot list to execute, or describe the video they want us to create.

During the process of working with our  clients, we collaborate when called upon to meet our clients creative vision, and to deliver images that exceed our client’s expectations. We ensure we accomplish this important goal by employing our specially developed lighting techniques to craft the perfect image in camera rather than relying on post-production. This allows the image to be viewed by our client in real time, so there’s no question that we get the right shots on the day.

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Our Hotel Photography Agency Services

The vast majority of our clients come to us for more than our technical expertise. These clients are looking for an agency that they can collaborate with to create and execute ideas.

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The clients that hire us as an agency are incredibly varied and their needs can be completely different. One may need their images refreshed, or want to delve into the world of video marketing, while another might just know they want to do something completely different to the norm. Other clients may have question about social media and how to grow their channels. The thing these clients all share in common is that they want to work with an agency that can offer a full understanding of media – from concept to consumption. We help to guide and develop our clients’ visions, as well as bring fresh and innovative ideas to help set them apart.

While working in the role of a hotel photography agency, we have developed an award-winning brand film with the Baur au Lac, worked with a group of independent businesses to create a public light painting exhibition to promote a town, and created bespoke hotel photography art for the Chicago Alise Hotel.

If you’re looking to work collaboratively with a hotel photography agency to develop ideas, or if you have a clear vision already that you would like to see realized, get in touch with us today! We would love to have a chat.

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Thanks reading to the end of this page. It seems like you might have an interest in our photography and video production services. You might just have some questions or perhaps you just want to say hello. If you are reading this, we would love to hear from you. Please send us a note using this form.

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