Hotel Photographers, Luxury Hotel Photography, Resort Photographer of Kengo Kuma Room - 7132 Hotel Vals, Switzerland

What Does a Hotel Photographer Do?

What’s involved in professional hotel photography? As hotel photographers, nothing it totally out of the job description. The life of a hotel photographer is often interesting...

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Crochet Artist Gina Gallina and the Crochet Art of YARNOGRAPHY

YARNOGRAPHY is a concept photography collection by Global Image Creation Photographer Jeremy Mason McGraw based on the colorful contemporary Crochet Art of Gina Gallina.

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Food Photographer of In Room Dining at Hotel Eden Rome - Professional Food Photography, Culinary Photographer, Restaurant Photos

Hotel Photography: Tips To Get It Right

The human brain can process entire images in as little as 13 milliseconds – that’s much less time than it takes to read a review or watch a video. In fact, it’s much less time than it takes to even blink your eye. Your hotel’s images are the first chance you have to attract and delight potential guests, and having great hotel photography with incredible hotel room lighting gives you an opportunity to grab travelers before they can even finish blinking.

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4th of July Fireworks at Big Cedar Lodge and Top of the Rock - Advertising photographers in Branson Missouri, Branson Missouri photography

Resort Video Production from Top Of The Rock

Recently the Global Image Creation team of Jeremy Mason McGraw and Edward C. Robison III collaborated on a short resort video production to capture 24 hours in the life of a civil war cabin on the driving range at Top Of The Rock in the Big Cedar Resort.

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