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Not all of our special projects are created with a client in mind. We are artists ourselves, and often explore concepts or ideas that have simply captured our imagination. These projects allow us to grow; to learn new skills, use new tools and technologies, expand our technical and creative expertise, and work with other talented artists like a movie special effects artist or a leather armor smith.

International Photographer Jeremy Mason McGraw first conceptualized the Eternal Beauties project to explore the ways that people view cultures and traditions alien to their own. Most of us spend our lives in spaces that are our default; comfortable places that we don’t have to strive to understand. When we are presented with a person, culture, or religion outside of our range of normal, we often fail to see anything beyond that difference, and quickly come to see the difference as hostile.

Eternal Beauties Magazine

In this project, Jeremy played with ideas of culture, prejudice, and perceptions of evil in a conceptual photography space removed from divisive political debates. Using vampires, demons, and other fictional immortal beings as a metaphor for foreignness, Jeremy worked with a team of models, artists, a leather armor maker and movie special effects makeup artists including Lu Andra Whitehurst and Laura Dandridge to craft images and concepts of these outsiders in the familiar editorial style of beauty and lifestyle magazines. The resulting images speak to the way we view other cultures through the lens of our own.

Making Eternal Beauties - Are Vampires Real?

Making Eternal Beauties - A Special Effects Makeup Artist and a Photographer Ask: Are Vampires Real?
Eternal Eureka Springs, ARK - Halloween Festival, Immortals, Vampires, Demons
Concept Image For Eternal Eureka Festival City Theming

While Jeremy conceptualised the project without a commercial purpose in mind, we later saw an opportunity to build on his original concept in a proposal to the local government in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for a month long Halloween festival. Located at the heart of the Arkansas Art Trail, Eureka Springs is a delightfully bizarre place home to 200 working artists – nearly a tenth of the city’s population. It is a city built on a series of natural springs that were rumoured to have healing powers, attracting an influx of people in the 1870s seeking relief from a range of ailments. While the city’s natural springs are no longer lauded for their healing properties, to this day the city retains its affinity for the mystical and the supernatural, especially when it comes to Halloween.

We proposed drawing on the mythology of the healing waters and the city’s palpable enthusiasm for Halloween to launch a festival that would situate Eureka Springs as a Halloween destination. The inaugural festival would announce and celebrate the existence of a community of immortal beings transformed centuries ago when they drank from the legendary springs. The festival would have incorporated a number of pre-existing community events, and been supported by print and video advertising as well as the release of Eternal Beauty, a lifestyle magazine for immortals. The concept for the festival was widely supported by the community and, while the project was never launched, the proposal received positive press coverage and helped propel community activity and interest in leveraging Halloween for the city of Eureka Springs. Conceptualizing and exploring the concept was invigorating for our team and we consider the experience a definite success.

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