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At Global Image Creation, the emphasis of our work is on conveying the true experience a place offers, not simply its physical reality, in all of our images. Lifestyle photography can be an incredible marketing tool in the luxury tourism industry; it can help potential guests really imagine themselves enjoying the services and experience you offer. However, lifestyle photography may also requires a larger team than many other types of photography, and may require a wardrobe stylist, hair and makeup artists as well as other professionals on the crew.

Helicopter Aerial Photography - The Best Beaches are around Sardinia, Italy

Travel Photographer of Italy Photoshoots, Italy Images


There are few countries in the world with as much to offer as Italy. The food, the culture, the people, the history, and the architecture all come together to make this country one of the most spectacular places to visit, illustrated by our gallery of Italy images. The cities and towns are immediately entrancing, and, in our experience working as travel photographers in Italy, we have found there are always deeper, richer, and more exciting layers to discover.

Professional Car Photographer, Automotive Photography

Professional Car Photography and Automotive Photography


Automotive photography is about more than just capturing cars. It’s about more than the shape, or the lines, or the details. A good professional car photographer strives to capture the character of a car: it’s timeless beauty, or its modern philosophy. Car photography is about telling a story about the car, and the lifestyle that car embodies.

Branson Convention Center main lobby exterior at twilight - Professional Architecture Photographer and Commercial Photography of Buildings

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Being an architecture photographer, photographing interiors, and commercial photography of buildings and any other built environment is no easy task. As anyone who’s struggled to snap an artful architecture Instagram will know, it’s best left to the pros to create images that do more than document buildings. Because when they do, the results can be electrifying, moving, and downright beautiful.

Obelisk Home Interior Photographer - Room Photography

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At the core of our business, we are interior photographers. When we launched Global Image Creation more than 15 years ago, it was out of a desire to create vastly better hotel room photography than was the standard at the time.

Photography and Northwest Arkansas Photographers in Bentonville

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We have been working as Northwest Arkansas photographers for over 15 years, and have witnessed one of the fastest growing regions in the country as it has changed and developed. As photographers in Bentonville, in particular, we have seen the city evolve as corporations have grown here and people from around the world have made this place their home. In our Bentonville photography, we strive to capture the improvements and amenities that progress has brought, while also respecting the rich traditions and history that continue in the communities in this region.

The Crescent Hotel from the East Mountain Overlook - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Springs Arkansas Pictures of Downtown, Eureka Springs Photography


Eureka Springs, Arkansas Photography can be found here with a link to licensing images for use. We are commercial photographers in NWA annually.

Public Art Project Sphere Glows in Basin Spring Park

Sphere – A Public Art Project in Eureka Springs, Arkansas


In 2013, Robert R. Norman and Jeremy Mason McGraw created the Sphere, a community public art project in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The six-foot Sphere incorporated 700-800 individual sticks harvested from the local area and decorated with messages written by residents and tourists in the small artistic city. 80% of the messages were about love.

The Sphere was designed and built by Robert as part of a series of Creative Energy Projects produced by Jeremy. Both Jeremy and Robert were named Artists of the Year by the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Sanderson's Meal Pops Fake News Poster - I Love the Taste AND the Protein!

The Real Story of Sanderson’s Meal Pops


Jeremy talks about “Sanderson’s Meal Pops”, a fictitious company created for a community art event.

In 2014, Jeremy was invited to be part of Sensory Iconoclasts, an event which paired chefs and artists from the Northwest Arkansas region to collaborate on a project.

At the time, complicated issues of corporate personhood had been raised by several recent Supreme Court rulings and were making headlines. Jeremy wondered, with all of the rights being extended to corporations, could a corporation enter a community art show?

Along with local chef Chrissy Sanderson, Jeremy sought to find out just how far this idea could go by launching Sanderson’s Meal Pops, a company that aimed to make some news of its own by producing a complete meal replacement in the form of a lollipop.

Funny Faces of Public Art in Eureka Springs Arkansas


Featured artist, John Rankine, chats about MUGS, a fun outdoor photography exhibition he worked on for Creative Energy and the 2013 May Festival of the Arts in Eureka Springs.
Rankine created the exhibition with Global Image Creation’s CEO and Creative Director Jeremy Mason McGraw. For the project, Rankine photographed 130 resident creatives pulling their silliest faces. He, McGraw, and a group of volunteers wallpapered the portraits to the exteriors of buildings throughout Eureka Springs’ historic downtown.
The portraits went up on May 1. Three weeks later Rankine and McGraw hosted a graffiti event and invited the public to “enhance” the portraits with magic markers.
“You’re never going to be short of characters in Eureka Springs,” says John Rankine, which this exhibition certainly proved.