Mind-Expanding with Intrigue Theatre - An Illusionist and a Ghost-Talker

Mind-Expanding with Intrigue Theatre – An Illusionist and a Ghost-Talker

“The mind-expanding Intrigue Theatre”

Illusionist Sean-Paul and Ghost-Talker Juliana Fay perform magic, spiritualism, voodoo, hypnosis, and mentalism. But their shows are about much more than mystery and intrigue.

The duo designed their performances to challenge the perceptions of their audience. Their shows empower people to leave with an expanded view of what is possible in the world and in their own lives.

Inspired by performances from the golden age of magic, the Intrigue Theatre offers an experience like nothing else.

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Destination Marketing with Video to Boost Tourism and Promote Your Hotel

Destination marketing with video focuses on boosting tourism, and attracting more potential guests to the area. Through destination marketing, hotels are able to reach out to potential guests while they are still considering destination options or researching things to do in a place they’ve decided on. It’s an opportunity to become known to that guest and provide them with something valuable well before they’ve even heard of your competition.

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Global Image Creation Chimp by Eureka Springs Arkansas Artist Zeek Taylor

Living Color with Eureka Springs, Arkansas Artist Zeek Taylor

Celebrated Eureka Springs, Arkansas artist Zeek Taylor has a story like this. It takes places while Zeek was a student at the Memphis College of Arts, and visiting his small hometown on the Arkansas Delta. While Zeek was home alone one day, he decided to pierce his ear. He had seen other young men at art school with a pierced ear, but it was still a controversial choice at the time, especially in a small Southern town of only 650 residents.

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American Castle Rogues manor eureka springs arkansas twilight evening

Building an American Castle in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Smith Treuer brought the sandcastle home with him, and he kept wearing his crown.
He went to school and learned about medieval life and his castle turned to stone and grew a guard tower and inside people danced and drank mead in a great hall. He traveled around the world, five times, and in each country his castle grew and evolved, taking inspiration from architecture in Germany, Scotland, Tibet, and Nepal. He studied gemstones and oriental carpets and textiles and his castle became more elaborate and more intricate.

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