Eating at a fine dining restaurant is far beyond finding your favorite steak, it’s paying for an intellectual conversation spoken through flavor. The chef leads the conversation with delicately plated food, and the menu, waiter and entire atmosphere shape the direction of the conversation. Capturing all of that feeling into a photograph is a challenge. What a great culinary photographer does is to make that conversation continue through dramatic photos of plated dishes.

Culinary Photography at Silver

Two Michelin Star Chef Sven Wassmer

An elite chef is very similar to an artist or a rockstar. Instead of using paint or their voice, they use intricate food flavors to tell a story.

Michelin star chef Sven Wassmer is the passionate chef of Silver restaurant, located in the 7132 Hotel and Spa in Vals, Switzerland. Chef Wassmer recently was awarded for his care and passion for producing an exquisite dining experience. Silver received their second Michelin Star rating, a high designation for his one of a kind 12-course menu.

In 2016 we photographed Chef Wassmer’s complex dishes and spent time with the flavor mastermind. Chef Wassmer cares deeply about his food, from the way ingredients are sourced to how each flavor awakens your senses. The staff of Silver can be found several times a week hiking in the nearby mountains surrounding Vals, foraging for mushrooms, berries, clover and other wild edibles in season. These local ingredients are the inspiration backbone of each dish. The mountains inspire Chef Wassmer’s dishes and the dishes inspire us.

Just as Chef Wassmer has a successful opinion about how his food should look and taste, Jeremy McGraw (Global Image Creation Director and Head Photographer), has a successful opinion on what makes food look good in a photograph. For example, delicately placed ants add an unexpected citrus flavor to a dish, just as the ants become an alluring detail within the photograph. Together, the two created dramatic photographs that showcase the work of Chef Wassmer.

The Culinary Photography Vision

Jeremy explains how dinner is a dramatic meal, eaten under artificial light, invested in, and shared with close family and friends. This foundation is used in every photograph to bring the viewer into the photo as if they were sitting down looking at the artwork in front of them. Jeremy relates his culinary photography approach, to snapping a landscape picture. A scenic shot of a landscape on a sunny cloudless day doesn’t provide depth to the topographic features. Clouds in the sky, a storm moving in, or the sun low in the sky at dawn/dusk, provides lighting that generates shadows giving the photograph a sense of depth and character.

Similar to how clouds create texture in a landscape, Jeremy uses artificial light to provide dramatic depth. As a result the photograph gives you a sense of the height of the food and it’s intricacies would be missed without. Every plate is it’s own masterpiece leading to all plates being treated a bit different yet encapsulating the same dramatic style.

Culinary Photographs – Silver

The fine dining experience may not be something you can do every day and, our favorite steak and street food has a special place in our heart. But, an edible piece of art it is always worth a treat. Until then, enjoy the #FoodPorn photos and start planning your trip to Vals.Michelline Star Food of Sven Wassmer 7132 Hotel - Silver


Get more of the Silver story and meet Chef Wassmer in this video we created for the 7132 Hotel.

Chef Sven Wassmer is the passionate chef of 7132 Silver in Vals Switzerland.